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April-May 2022
I'm writing short stories this year.  Read the first one hereMore PDFs from the pastbabysue, Volume 2, Issue 1 (from 1988) and Volume 2, Issue 2 (from 1989) are now online (first time on the internet). View all PDFs here Note: Opinions expressed are not necessarily the author's opinions.
March 2022
More PDFs from the past.  babysue's Recipe Book (Volume 1, Issue 3) from way back in 1985 is now online. View PDFs here (this is the first time this mini comic / magazine has ever been on the internet).  Note: Opinions expressed are not necessarily the author's opinions.  babysue Review #28 (the print music review magazine) from 1998 is also online.  View PDFs here.  Here's an article entitled Taking Advantage of Technology and some comics (from 1998)  Some new poems are now up.  A website change.  The tiny clickable heads on the Table of Contents pages are now surprise elements.  Clicking on them once revealed babysue and Jesus comics only.  Now you never know what you might find.
February 2022
PDFs of the first two babysue mini-magazines/comic books are now online here (this is the first time these have ever been on the internet). Additional PDFs will be added as time allows.  Note: Opinions expressed are not necessarily the author's opinions.  In other news...this News page was added where you can find out the latest things happening in my confusing little underground world.  In the past, I tended to do things 'in the dark' most of the time.  But this year I decided that is not such a good from now on I'll be letting you know what's happening when it's happening.


The album whatNOP was released that features sixteen new songs.  Four videos were produced from songs on the album (links to these are on the whatNOP page). Lyrics were uploaded for all releases (links can be found on the Discography page).  Lyrics are also on individual song pages on bandcamp.  Prices for CDs & CD-Rs dropped to $7.00 each (with free shipping worldwide) on bandcamp.  Album downloads dropped to $3.00 each.  Settings were changed on the bandcamp page so you can freely stream everything there without that annoying 'two song limit' thing happening.

2022 LMNOP aka dONW7