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A Certain Smile - Fits & Starts (Independently released CD-R, Pop)
On their web site, the guys in A Certain Smile sum up their sound by saying they are "...a fuzzy pop band, based in Portland, OR." Unless you dig further, that's all the information provided. Being big fans of the simple and direct approach, we were instantly intrigued...but even more so when we began listening to the wonderfully refreshing tracks on the band's debut album, Fits & Starts. If you're like us...and have become quite burned out by too much multi-tracking and digital tweaking...this band's sound and approach will be a welcome change of pace. Even the group's approach to marketing hit the target here in the plush babysue office suites. This album arrived in a plain white box with no accompanying press release, no sales pitch, and no band info. And that meant, of course, that the music had to speak for itself. And speak it does, as all nine of these tracks are wonderfully entertaining recordings created for all the right reasons. While trying to sum up the band's sound, we noticed on their web site that they are influenced by Slumberland noise pop and Creation Records-era shoegaze. So if you're into either of these...or if you just love really cool dreamy pop songs driven by fuzzy guitars...you'll instantly fall in love with these guys' music. This is the band's first proper debut album, available on vinyl or CD as well as a stream or download. The band is comprised of Thomas on vocals and guitar, Casey on bass, Zach on guitars and keyboards, and Ian on drums (along with Ryan playing drums on tracks one and four). Nine cool hummable hypnotic pop tracks that should send listeners into a pure state of bliss. Our favorites include "Hold On, Call," "Summer Blonde," "Smile," and "We Want the World." Recommended. Top pick.

All India Radio - Space (Independently released CD, Progressive)
If you like trance artists from the 1990s and progressive rock bands from the 1970s, you're going to find a lot of appealing elements here. And that's because the folks in the curiously-titled All India Radio seamlessly combine elements from both worlds into their own intoxicating modern blend. A lot of folks seem to be hopping on this Australian band's wagon, and they've got ties with some amazing artists. Their compositions have popped up all over the place on cable/internet television shows. Space spins like modern mood music, cerebral in overall complexity...yet pleasant and soothing in so many ways. If you want catchy pop, you're in the wrong arena. But if you're in the mood for some spaced out trippy vibes that'll put you in just the right mood for...doing whatever you want...you're likely to get just what you're looking for. Groovy tracks include "Vega," "Heirs of Ineptune," "Anja's Eternal Light," and "Theo's Sunlight Dream."



Give and
Get nothing
In return.


Peter Banks - Be Well, Be Safe, Be Lucky... The Anthology (Double CD, Peter Banks Musical Estate, Progressive), The Self-Contained Trilogy (Triple CD, Peter Banks Musical Estate, Progressive)
Two new releases offered by the Peter Banks Musical Estate. In addition to his work as a solo artist, Banks was also the original guitarist in the bands The Syn, Yes, Flash, and Empire. Be Well, Be Safe, Be Lucky... will be met with open arms by fans, as this cool double disc package offers a solid overview of Peter's solo recordings. The set is divided into two parts: "The Best of Peter Banks" (disc one) and "Can I Play You Something More?" (disc two). Thirty tracks here spread across both discs. To sum this one up simply...if you love electric guitars, you are almost certain to love this music. Banks was an inspired innovator, laying the groundwork for many guitarists that later followed in his footsteps. Over two hours of music here, so be prepared to have your mind permanently blown by these wildly inventive tracks. The Estate has also released a triple disc set that includes all three of Peter's solo albums from the 1990s: Instinct (1994), Self-Contained (1995), and Reduction (1997). The tracks for all three have been newly remastered for this release. We love the little sticker that was added to the front of the CD prior to distribution which warns potential listeners that the set "Contains guitar riffs which some people may find offensive." With the exception of a handful of tracks on Instinct, the music on all three albums was performed entirely by Peter...who also produced, arranged, and composed everything. Solid stuff that has stood the test of time. And for many of us, this will be the first time we're experienced this music. So many listeners are familiar with the bands Banks played in. Hopefully these releases will help make more aware of the substantial nature of the man's solo recordings. Hats off to Daniel Earnshaw (who represents the Estate) for making these releases available to the public. Top pick.

David Boring - Spouse Nudity (Complicated sort of media, Bacto-Linvidist, Pop/rock)
This is a compilation of tracks David Boring recorded before he became very rich and famous and before he was known as David Boring. Originally released under the name David Gowns, these tracks represent a transitional period for the artist in which he decided that he was getting tired of being poor and unknown. Thus, he eventually opted to change his name from David Gowns to David Boring. Once he adopted the name David Boring, a lot of people began listening to his music. But he started out with his original name which was David Gowns. These tracks were released under that name. When David Gowns started recording he couldn't think. And he couldn't stand up on his own without the help of stretchers and pork. But through sheer perseverance he eventually made his way to some very important places. But when he got there, a lot of people started asking "Why is your name David Gowns?" Apparently the name made people ask questions. Rather than have plastic surgery on his nose, David Gowns opted to spend most of his time in the studio where he couldn't be seen or heard. After about fifteen years he came out of hiding and released a single album. The original album title was Mouse Snooty but the name was eventually changed because it was considered too risque. Spouse Nudity was a failure overall when it was originally released. But it did make David Gowns realize that he needed to change his name. So he changed his name to David Boring. First it was David Gowns. Then it was David Boring. First Gowns. Then Boring. Gowns. Boring. Gowns. Yawning. Yawn. You are getting sleepy. You are getting very very sleepy. When big fat fingers snap you won't be here anymore. So here is the goddamn snap. [snap!] These aren't tracks recorded by some nobody loser named David Gowns that no one gives a damn about. They are truly wonderful previously unheard songs recorded by David Boring. You like all of his other albums, so you will feel that you must have this one as well. Now that you are aware of this album, you want to purchase it. You want to purchase it quickly before it goes away. Pull out your credit card and let the money flow. Be a good little fan and do what you are told. Be a bad little fan...and you'll end up scraping away forever on a perpetual bed of rotting muffin pans.

Crux - Crux (CD-R, Noise Pelican, Improvisational)
We had to do a double take when we read the press release that accompanied this album. A label dedicated to releasing improvisational and experimental music...based in Florida...? We receive improvisational music from California all the time but rarely if ever from way down south. Just goes to show how expansive and diverse the music community is in the Sunshine State in the twenty-first century. This self-titled album is one of Noise Pelican's early releases. Crux is the trio comprised of Alexander W. Ravitz on bass clarinet, Thomas Milovac on bass, and Leo Suarez on drums and percussion. All seven tracks on this album were improvised and recorded live. So instead of digitally tweaked perfection (and so many tracks that you can't tell what going on), this album presents real musicians playing real music. The beauty of improvised music is the fact that anything can and does happen. The accidental occurrence of various ingredients adds spontaneity that is sadly missing in many modern recordings. Folks seeking hummable dance tunes and familiar musical frameworks will probably be confused by this music. But more adventurous listeners accustomed to unfamiliar sounds and styles will find this to be an intriguing and unusual album. Recorded and produced by Sean Hamilton, the overall sound is extremely warm and organic...and should probably please folks into the analog sound of vinyl. We have a feeling that Noise Pelican will continue to be a noticeable and credible presence in the world of music in the coming years.

Cup - Jitter Visions (CD, Aagoo, Rock/pop)
The eighth release from Polish-American drummer and songwriter Tym Wojcik, the man who created the underground band Cup. We were blown away by Tom's last release (Hiccup), and we're pleased to report that the humorously-titled Jitter Visions is cut from the same general sort of fabric. This guy plays harsh and powerful overdriven guitar-based rock/pop music that's a lot louder and more intense than most folks are accustomed to hearing in 2018. Visions presents fifteen short, succinct tracks. Only one cut is over three minutes in length, while most average between one and two minutes. If you loved all the cool super loud bands treading around the United States in the 1990s you're bound to love Wojcik's music. These tracks have a definite bite, but there are definite melodies and song structures that will quickly become permanently embedded in your brain. This is not light stuff for the faint of heart. Tym's music packs a punch both physically and psychologically, and he seems to enjoy challenging his listeners. The album sleeve and record itself are both killer. The vinyl is pressed in a cool combination of purple and green that resembles a large blurry flower. Killer tracks include "Runny Rummy," "Daydream Machine," "Eye See," "Liquid Grid," and "Inverted Void." Once again, this guy has hit the nail directly on the head. Cool loud stuff for those who aren't dead yet. Top pick.

Dumb - Seeing Green (CD, Mint, Pop/rock)
Before we even read the press release that accompanied this album, Seeing Green reminded us very much of Devo's debut album Are We Not Men? We Are Devo. Considering how influential and different that album was, it seems strange that we rarely hear music that strikes even a remotely similar chord. The band Dumb self-released three albums before this, their first release on the always entertaining Mint label. Plenty of herky jerky staccato-esque rock here with nervous vocals and stop/starts that keep things interesting. These folks sure sound like they're having great fun. They're playing a style of music that is wonderfully out-of-synch with almost everything happening in 2018. And that, of course, is a very good thing. The band is comprised of Franco Rossino on guitar and vocals, Shelby Vredick on bass, Nick Short on guitar, and Pipe Morelli on drums. The band name is interesting, considering the fact that the music these folks make is definitely very...intelligent. These four musicians take lots of chances and their gamble is paying off. Our guess is that this album will instantly catapult the band to cult status all around the globe. It's that different. And unlike so many twenty-first century albums, the songs are...exciting. Kickass in-your-face tracks include "Romeo," "Power Trip," "Cowboy," "Warming Up," and "Roast Beef."

Ex Norwegian - No Sleep (CD, Think Like A Key, Pop)
Ahhhhhhhhh....No Sleep is classic Ex Norwegian. If you don't know what that means, you have some catching up to do. Regular readers know we've been big fans of this band for years. For anyone who'd like to know why, this album would provide an excellent frame of reference. This Miami, Florida-based group has been creating incredible pop music for several years. Over time word has spread and they now have fans all over the world. Ex Norwegian is the trio of Roger Houdaille, Michelle Grand, and Giuseppe Rodriguez. Other cool folks appearing on these tracks include Adam Rhodes, Fernando Perdomo, Derek Cintron, Greg Byers, and W.D. Miller. If you like pop songs that stick in your head like glue and never go away, you're gonna totally dig this album. No Sleep features eleven super smart guitar-driven pop tracks that are sinfully addictive. A few of the band's more recent albums have featured a more raw basic sound. On Sleep, they return to the more produced and polished sound they had when they were just getting started. The end result...will blow your mind. Houdaille's ability to consistently write insanely good songs is impressive and amazing. Unlike other folks whose songwriting skills seem to fizzle out over time, this guy's compositional talents just seem to get better. Michelle, Giuseppe, and Roger play with the kind of precise intensity that propels their tunes to another level. You can tell by the sound of these tracks that these folks enjoy playing music together...the positive vibes come through loud and clear. The album was produced by Roger and mixed by Zach Ziskin. Uplifting in so many ways, these classic songs will most definitely stand the test of time. This is easily one of the best albums yet by this continually engaging underground pop band. It's also bound to be one of the best pop albums of 2018. Kickass cuts include "Good Intentions," "Team No Sleep," "Triggered Weekend," "Alt-Cool," and "Seldom Sober." Highly recommended. TOP PICK.

The Hasbros - Cart Before the Horse (Independently released vinyl LP, Buzzsaw pop)
Damn...The Hasbros hit the target dead on. If you love classic buzzsaw pop bands like Sugar and Bracket, you're almost certain to love this band's cool and groovy vibes. Seems strange that in 2018 there would be such a shortage of bands playing this style of music. But that's a plus for these guys, as it puts them in a category where they have few competitors at this point in time. This Queens-based trio is comprised of Joe Gorelick on drums and vocals, Ken O'Connor on lead guitar and bass, and Bob Hanophy on guitar, keyboards, and vocals. On Cart Before the Horse these fellows keep things simple and direct, thus allowing listeners to concentrate on the substance contained within their songs. Although all of the compositions are originals, they sound strangely familiar and they are bound to stick in your head like glue. Cool rhythms, driving bass lines, buzzsaw guitars, and totally cool vocals...what more could you ask for? Instead of trying to sound weird or artsy, these guys go for a classic sound that is timeless and effective. Such a cool band name. Seems amazing no one thought of it before. The album has been released on a very slickly packaged 12" vinyl, complete with download card. (You can, of course, also stream and download the album online.) We're totally impressed by knockout cuts like "For the Best," "Kenny," "Nothing At All," "Don't Say What You Mean," and "Happened." Exciting gripping music with balls and brains. Recommended. Top pick.


And understanding
Cause irreversible


Nick Hooper - 6 Strings (CD, Angel Air, Instrumental/acoustic guitar)
Up to this point in time, Great Britain's Nick Hooper is best known for the scores he wrote for the Harry Potter films The Order of the Phoenix and The Half Blood Prince. In stark contrast to what you might expect from a solo album, 6 Strings presents Hooper playing all by himself on an acoustic guitar...presenting his interpretations of Irish folk tunes, plus a song by an English fiddler. A quick glance at his web site (link above) reveals that he also writes stories and novels. This album captures the man doing what he obviously loves doing...playing solo guitar. These recordings were captured at Abbey Road Studio 2, thus the sound quality is exceptionally warm and real. A man in Nick's position could easily release a grandiose album chock full of overproduced orchestral music...which is what most people might expect. But instead he chose to take a completely different approach, doing what he prefers to do rather than what others expect of him. The gamble pays off, as this disc is chock full of ultimately rewarding music that is inspired and slightly cerebral. Fourteen tracks here, all played with impeccable style. Our favorites include "The Lament of Owen Roe O'Neill," "March of the King of Laois," "Fanny Power," and "The South Wind."

Blake Jones and the Trike Shop - Make (CD, Big Stir, Pop)
The folks at California's Big Stir are quickly establishing themselves as one of the state's best labels for smart up-and-coming underground guitar pop. This band has a sound that reminds us in many ways of babysue favorite The Young Fresh Fellows. The guys in Blake Jones and the Trike Shop keep things simple and direct, while infusing their tunes with instantly catchy melodies and a definite sense of humor. Make is the band's sixth full-length release which comes out just as the band embarks on their fourth (!) European tour. In addition to bandleader Blake Jones, the group is comprised of Ronald "Doc" Morse on guitar, Martin Hansen on bass, John Shafer on drums, and Barbara Anderson-Jones on flute and vocals. This album is yet another thoroughly entertaining experience, chock full of intelligent songs played with focus and passion. If you've come to the point where you can no longer stand digitally tweaked perfection in music (blech), the sound of these tracks may very well be a truly refreshing spin. These songs sound like real people in a real band playing real music. Cool guitar-driven pop cuts include "My Soft Rock Girlfriend," "Take a Look at the Stars," "That Abandoned Theater," and "The Ghost Ship Sails On."

Byron Isaacs - Disappearing Man (CD, Cosmic Trigger, Pop)
The debut solo album from Byron Isaacs who, up to this point in time, is best known for his work in the band The Lumineers (he was also a founding member of Ollabelle and Lost Leaders). Disappearing Man is one helluva debut. While listening to this disc, we can't help but think that this is the beginning of a long and rewarding solo career. Isaacs writes killer songs...and his voice is absolutely remarkable. This man hits the nail on the head with each and every track here, proving that he is a formidable singer/songwriter to be reckoned with in the years ahead. These tracks are instant modern pop classics that will no doubt be covered by countless others over time. Although these tracks have a very familiar overall sound, we can't come up with any obvious comparisons. That strangely familiar vibe is what will attract listeners to Isaacs' music. But it's the substance in the songs that will keep them coming back for more. The backing band here is the best. In addition to Byron, the core players are Glenn Patscha on keyboards and vocals, Chris Masterson on guitars, and David Berger on drums. The tracks also feature the talents of Joe Bonadio, Hector Castillo, John Ellis, John Lissauer, Rich Pagano, David Weintraub, and Eleanor Whitmore. Produced by Hector Castillo and Isaacs, these tracks have a nice warm produced sound that never suffers from too much digital tweaking. This will definitely end up being one of the strongest debut albums of 2018. Yup folks, it's that good. Killer tracks include "Losing You," "Disappearing Man," "Shadows On The Wall," and "Gypsy Wind." Highly recommended. TOP PICK.

I See Hawks In L.A. - Live and Never Learn (CD, Western Seeds Record Company, Americana/pop)
Most music fans already know this but...for every band that becomes well-known and successful, there are thousands more who toil away in relative obscurity. And in so many cases, it has nothing to do with the quality of the songs or the recordings. In most cases, success is the result of money and promotion rather than the quality or integrity of the artist. But onto the band and album at hand. Although a favorite among certain folks, I See Hawks In L.A. is one of those bands who have truly earned their place in the world of music. If they were doing it for money or fame, our guess is that they would have stopped making music years ago. This is the group's first release since their 2013 album Mystery Drug. Apparently a lot has happened during the past few years. And those experiences were what fueled many of the songs on the humorously-titled Live and Never Learn. The album features a wealth of genuinely inspired songs that were created using classic instruments. There's a certain sincerity in these songs that is refreshingly real. Instead of cuts that sound like potential hits, these sound like real communications between songwriter and listener. The band is comprised of Rob Waller, Paul Lacques, Paul Marshall, and Victoria Jacobs. If you like good Americana or personality-driven folk/pop, you're almost certain to enjoy the sound of this band. These folks obviously love playing with one another, you can feel it from the overall vibe they create. Fourteen genuinely entertaining compositions including "Ballad for the Trees," "Stoned With Melissa," "King of the Rosemead Boogie," and "The Isolation Mountains."

Serena Jost - Up To The Sky (Independently released CD, Pop)
This album is refreshingly different. Whereas most twenty-first century albums are hampered by too many layers of sound, Up To The Sky presents songs that are exceedingly sparse and direct. Cellist Serena Jost recorded her last two albums with a band backing her up. But this time around, she stands alone with her cello presenting music that is real, personal, and immediately effective. These tracks were recorded live in St. Peter's Church in Chelsea, New York City. Jost plays alone, just a single individual with her cello...performing songs that are heartfelt...and strangely eerie. To try and describe the overall mood here... Imagine mixing the sound of Mary Hopkin with the haunting sound of Nico, and you might begin to have some idea what the overall vibe is like. While Jost's previous albums were more commercial, our guess is that Up To The Sky will be one of the high points in her career. We admire and appreciate anyone who can sing and play alone because it takes an extreme amount of focus as well as real guts. Recorded by Adam Gold and mixed by Chris D. Butler, these tracks sound exactly like what they are...a real person playing real music in a real environment. Strangely alluring tracks include "Window," "Great Conclusions," "Happiness," and "Silver Star."

Jessie Kilguss - The Fastness (Independently released CD, Pop)
When we first started spinning this album, it sounded straightforward. But by the time we got to the fourth track ("Dark Corners of Your Mind") we realized that there's really much more here than initially meets the ears. This is the fourth full-length release from Brooklyn-based recording artist Jessie Kilguss...and it's a keeper. According to Jessie, the album "explores the idea of travel and transition, and the new world and the old world through death and rebirth." This might lead some readers to think that The Fastness would be a difficult artsy album. But instead the opposite is true. Even though she may be dealing with some weighty topics, the overall tone of these songs is upbeat and uplifting. Jessie has a wonderfully resonant voice that transcends speakers and earphones. She's one of those vocalists who doesn't merely sing. When you hear her voice, you get the feeling that she's speaking to you directly. While the overall sound here is familiar and pop-oriented, Kilguss injects plenty of curve balls and unexpected twists into the mix. Just when you think you know where a tune is heading, something catches you by surprise and pushes the music to another level. On this album Jessie is backed by the solid and impressive talents of Kirk Schoenherr on guitar, John Kengla on bass, and Rob Heath on drums. The Fastness may offer pure entertainment. But in many ways, it's so much more. Kilguss creates music that can simply be listened to and enjoyed. Or, for those wanting something deeper, they're sure to find it hidden within the depths of her music. Pensive melodic cuts include "The Master," "Dark Corners of Your Mind," "Rainy Night in Copenhagen," and "Edge of Something."

Little Tornados - Apocalypse! (Independently released CD, Pop)
Offbeat underground pop with cool threads of psychedelia. Little Tornados is the musical project created by David Thayer, who has been actively involved in the underground world of music since 1989. Originally from California, David now lives in Zurich, Switzerland. Apocalypse! is the second full-length release from Little Tornados, and it is one wild ride. This band is obviously driven first and foremost by a desire to be creative rather than to merely sell music. If you want an idea of what this music sounds like, consider the other folks who play on the album. Offering their talents are Laetitia Sadler, Emmanuel Mario, John Herndon, Hans Hansen, Amin Khatir, Joel Raif, Caroline Sallee, and Giorgio Tuma (!)...plus more. Thayer obviously attracts and connects with all the right people, and it's probably because he apparently has an incredible knack for bringing folks together. This is a short album that clocks in at just under thirty minutes. But in that amount of time, David manages to entertain and inspire in every way imaginable. While spinning this disc, other artists that come to mind include Wire, Television Personalities, early XTC, Pink Floyd, and Stereolab...although in actuality these tracks really have their own unique sound. When music is this creative, we can't help but fall in love with the energy and sound. Truly captivating cuts include "Venture," "Water Song/Water Song," "I Disappear," and "Diamantes del Sol." Recommended. Top pick.

Joseph LoDuca - Bad Samaritan: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack (CD, Varese Sarabande, Soundtrack)
Hmmm...the critics don't seem to like it...but the fans seem to love it. Bad Samaritan certainly seems to be receiving very mixed reviews all over the place, so that says a lot. The story sounds interesting. The movie tells the tale of a man who breaks into the wrong house...which happens to be where a serial killer lives...and then finds a woman inside who has been captured and bound. The story then revolves around the serial killer trying to find and punish the burglar. Well that's certainly one we've never heard before (!). The music for Bad Samaritan was composed by Joseph LoDuca who got his start way back in the 1980s creating music for the first two perpetually popular Evil Dead movies. Since that time, he's composed music for a wide variety of other films and television shows. For Samaritan, Joseph creates creepy subdued music that is simultaneously peculiar and unsettling. There's a lot of emotional content contained within these twenty-nine tracks. And clocking in at close to seventy minutes, you're getting far more here than is normally offered on your conventional soundtrack album. Beautiful strings on many of these cuts, and a strange somber vibe that is strangely calming. LoDuca's talents are in high demand these days. This soundtrack is yet another solid addition to his continually growing list of cool projects. Killer tracks include "A Smile Out of Him," "He's Got a Girl," "Domestic Disturbance," "Play In My Sandbox," and "Justice." Truly riveting music. Top pick.

Simon Love - Sincerely, S. Love x (CD, Tapete, Pop)
The second full-length release from Great Britain's Simon Love. If you've not yet heard Love's music, you're in for a treat. This up-and-coming young singer/songwriter composes songs that will simultaneously warm your heart and make you smile. Imagine crossing Fountains of Wayne with The Beach Boys and Television Personalities...and you might begin to have some idea of what this album sounds like. Sincerely, S. Love x spins like a collection of classic pop hits from the past to the present. In addition to writing totally cool songs, Simon's got a bitchin' voice that provides the perfect focal centerpoint. When this man sings, you really feel as if he's directly communicating with you. And his lyrics are both heartfelt and strangely goofy. Ten groovy cuts that clock in at just over thirty-five minutes. And the good news...is that every single track is a purely entertaining experience. You can bet your boots that people will be spinning this album for decades to come. Love's got a style and presence that immediately set him apart from the tidal wave of new twenty-first century artists and bands. Killer tracks include "God Bless the Dick Who Let You Go," "Joey Ramone," "Tennis Fan," and "Not If I See You First." Truly resilient music that is both credible and instantly addictive. Highly recommended. Top pick.

Mad About Dumb Stuff (2018).
It time for mad about dumb stuff. All at once for every person, now instant upset over simple nothing. Express mad in word form, using shitphone or computer. Let other know about details of upset. Internalize and allow mad to grow in momentum. Eventual thing is rampant upset over dumb thing that never should have any matter. Then begin again with upset over additional nothing, all for the expression of no one to listen.

John Massari - Killer Klowns From Outer Space Reimagined (CD, Varese Sarabande, Soundtrack)
One of the more interesting and visually striking motion pictures from the 1980s, over the years Killer Klowns From Outer Space has become somewhat of a cult favorite. You may have noticed the word Reimagined added to the title of the album. So...what's the deal with that? Many may remember that the original soundtrack was recorded using synthesizers. To celebrate the 30th anniversary of the release of the movie, composer John Massari completely re-recorded the soundtrack...this time utilizing a thirty piece orchestra. As a result, the original compositions have a much larger and intense sound. Interesting, this album even features a new (?!) recording of the title track performed by The Dickies. And as if that wasn't enough to knock you over, the album also features seven bonus tracks. The 30th anniversary of the motion picture was celebrated with with a massive event in Los Angeles...and that certainly brought it clearly back into focus in many peoples' eyes. The movie was great as it was originally released...but now with the extra oomph provided by these new recordings it's bound to find an entirely new audience. Over an hour's worth of music here. Well-conceived compositions include "Hidden Klown Ship," "Fun House," "Final Klownfrontation," "Mike and Debbie's Discovery," and "Sketch for Sampled String Orchestra."

George McMullen Trio - Boomerang (CD, pfMENTUM, Jazz)
If you admire and appreciate classic jazz artists from the past, you're almost certain to enjoy this album. Unlike so many twenty-first jazz artists whose music is wildly experimental, George McMullen plays music that is exceedingly melodic and easy on the ears. Boomerang is a pure shot of jazz, executed with preciseness and skill. Rarely do we hear trios led by a trombone player. After you hear these tracks, you're bound to be impressed by this talented man's skills as a player and composer. Backing George on these tracks are Nick Rosen on bass and Alex Cline on drums and percussion. These three musicians are perfectly in synch with one another, mentally and rhythmically. Recorded, mixed, and mastered by Wayne Peet, these eleven tracks have a nice warm organic sound...and there are no traces of clever technology muddying the mix. In our minds, the trombone is one of the more difficult instruments to master. But hearing McMullen play, you'd never know it. He makes the instrument sound fluid and just slightly different. Rosen's bass has the same qualities (the guy is amazing), and Cline provides the perfect rhythmic base that holds everything together. Classic jazz fans will no doubt be impressed by tracks like "Boomerang," "I Loved Her Laugh," "Waiting," and "Improv IV: Fire, Dancing." Impeccable stuff that will stand the test of time. Recommended. Top pick.

The Neal Morse Band - The Similitude of a Dream (Double CD & Double DVD set, Metal Blade / Radiant, Progressive rock)
This four disc set serves as our introduction to the music of The Neal Morse Band. And that makes us feel rather ignorant, as Morse has been releasing solo albums for years. His previous bands have included Spock's Beard, Transatlantic, Yellow Matter Custard, and Flying Colors. We can sum up our initial reaction to this quadruple disc set in one word and that word is...wow. Whether you like progressive rock music or not, you will definitely be amazed at the complexity of these compositions and the staggering abilities of the musicians involved. Neal has assembled a superstar band that is obviously blowing the minds of fans. His current band is comprised of Randy George, Mike Portnoy, Bill Hubauer, Eric Gillette, and Randy George. The tracks for this release were recorded live in The Netherlands (Tilburg) in 2017. Judging by the sound of the music...and especially by the sounds coming from the audience...this must have been one helluva concert. Between both, the CDs contain twenty-two tracks while the DVDs include three additional songs the band played for their encore. With all the renewed interesting in progressive rock over the past few years, Morse and his band's music is probably more relevant now than ever before. Impressively executed tracks include "Long Day," "We Have Got To Go," "So Far Gone," "The Man in the Iron Cage," "I'm Running," and "Broken Sky." A must have for Morse's fans as well as anyone into cream-of-the-crop twenty-first century progressive rock.

Ramin Partovi - 27 Faces of a Broken Heart (Independently released double CD, Progressive)
We could not find any information about this artist or album on the internet. So we just may be the first to let you know that Ramin Partovi is one helluva fantastic guitarist. This independently released double disc set contains a wealth of material that will please anyone who loves progressive rock and/or killer guitars. What we found most interesting about this release are the song titles. Each song is (apparently) named after a musician that plays on the album. We have never ever heard of any artist or band doing this before. This is one of those underground releases that is bound to find an audience, one way or another. Twenty-seven tracks here including "Yussi Wenger," "Scott Henderson," "Erick Walls," "Mike Stern," and "Dean Brown." Cool and just slightly psychedelic.

Fernando Perdomo - Out to Sea (CD, Forward Motion, Progressive pop/rock)
Fernando Perdomo is one of those guys whose name seems to be simultaneously all over the place. Either that, or we're just looking in all the right places. Rather than list all the folks Perdomo's been associated with thus far (the list of artists is staggering), click on his web site and see for yourself. The two fields that Fernando seems to be most involved with are pop and progressive rock. We've been very impressed with his pop compositions in the past. Out to Sea serves as our introduction to his progressive rock compositions. This album validates what we already knew. Anything/everything this guy does seems...to work. He has a natural gift for making music and for making music sound great. If we had not read the liner notes on the back cover, there's one thing we would never have guessed. With the exception of guest drummer Eddie Zayne on one track, this was a one man project...Perdomo plays all the instruments and also acted as producer and engineer. It appears that the only area in which he had some help was with mixing/mastering, which was provided by Zach Ziskin. Interestingly, the artwork was provided by Paul Whitehead...the man who did the excellent art for the Genesis albums Trespass, Nursery Cryme, and Foxtrot (!). Fernando once again proves he's one of the most prolific and inspired musicians in the United States. We admit that we miss hearing vocals on these tracks, but only because we know what a killer voice this man has. This is a flawless collection of music that was executed to perfection. The guitar playing is nothing short of...amazing. Precisely constructed cuts include "The Architect (Tribute to Peter Banks)," "Roses Spread All Over the World," "The Dream," and "Dreaming in Stereo Suite."

Philippe Petit & Friends - On Top (CD, Aagoo, Progressive/experimental)
Truly unusual stuff that comes from a truly unusual universe. With most albums, after a song or two you can kinda figure out what's going on. That is not the case here. On Top is one truly far out experience full of curve balls and unexpected surprises. At a point in time when so many take so few chances, this album is refreshing...and ultimately inspiring. On these tracks, the ultra-prolific Philippe Petit is joined by his friends Jad Fair, Lydwine Vanderhulst, Maja Jantar, Lydia Lunch, Heike Aumuller, Bela Emerson, Loesha, Eugene S. Robinson, Herve Vincenti, Rafaelle Rinaudo, Karim Tobbi, Andy Diagram, Paul Milhaud, Charlie Finke, Seth Herbert Faergolzia, and Nicolas Dick. The list of friends is mind-boggling, but even more impressive is the music itself. This is a true exercise in creativity where the idea is to allow the music and your mind to take you anywhere. Some segments are more musical while others are more like sound experiments. Some segments remind us of artists like Captain Beefheart, The Residents, and Skinny Puppy...but none of these really give a proper indication of the overall sound here. With so many options in the world, it seems incredible that so many musicians prefer to make music that is generic and samey. For listeners who want something more than the same old thing, On Top will provide that specific peculiar jolt that tickles the imagination and expands horizons. Twelve strangely compelling tracks including "The Hammer + The Compliant Man," "Bakaltag," "Black Dog," and "Charleton Sight." Top pick.

PinioL - Bran Coucou (CD, Dur et Doux, Progressive rock)
Is it a bird? Is it a plane? Is it a rock band? Or is it something else entirely? While we're not sure what to make of it and exactly how to describe it, PinioL is like no other French band we've ever heard before in our lives. This is easily one of the most unusual and different bands we've heard in 2018...period. While others play it safe and have a sound that can easily be compared with those who have come before, the guys in PinioL take music to another level...playing highly stylized and complex progressive rock music that is certain to pique your curiosity. The band is the merger of individuals who were/are in the critically acclaimed bands Poil and Ni. The joining of the two has resulted in the ultimate twenty-first century progressive rock band. Take our word for it, Bran Coucou is bound to go down in history as one of the pivotal progressive rock albums of the century. Yes folks, it is that good...and that unusual. These heady tracks combine elements from math rock, progressive rock, and heavy metal...and then churn them out with such focused intensity that you're bound to be overwhelmed. We love the herky jerky stop/starts that frequently occur in these tracks. It gives the music a strange type of shizophrenic edge that is most appealing. The band is comprised of Antoine Arnera, Boris Cassone, Guilhem Meier, Anthony Beard, Francois Mignot, Benoit Lecomte, and Jean Noly. Recorded at Mikrokosm Studio by Benoit Bel and mixed and mastered by R3my Boy, Coucou is the album you've always dreamed of hearing. Creativity isn't dead...it's just lurking in the undercurrents, waiting to be discovered by those who give a damn. Prepare to have your mind blown by intense compositions like "Pilon Bran Coucou," "Pogne," "Sho Shin," and "Orbite." Easily one of THE BEST albums of the year. Highly recommended. TOP PICK.

Romantica - Outlaws (Independently released CD, Pop)
A collection of ten previously unreleased tracks by the band Romantica, gathered from previous recording sessions and live shows. We've never read a press release quite like the one that accompanied this album. Bandleader Ben Kyle had his life recently overturned, as Lyme's Disease apparently transformed him in ways he could never have imagined. You'd have to read the soul baring words in the release, but take our word for it...this man has done some serious thinking about his life and the world around him. His words sure made us to a double take about some of our thoughts and ideas in 2018. But onto the music... The appropriately-titled Outlaws will be a treat for Romantica fans because these don't sound at all like discarded tracks. For any other band, many of these would probably be the best cuts on the album. The photograph by Chris Larson on the cover is great...it features an old guitar carefully smushed into a white cake on a white tablecloth in a white room. Considering Kyle's story, the photo seems particularly appropriate for this release. Ten well-crafted captivating tracks here including "Love in the Winter," "Dear Caroline," "Lost in the Cosmos," and "Baby Killed Bobby."

David Shephard - Into the Badlands: Music from the AMC Original Series (CD, Varese Sarabande, Soundtrack)
If there is one word we would use to describe this soundtrack that word would be...ominous. David Shephard has composed music for a number of films and television programs over the years. His projects include Longmire, Killing Season, Drag Me To Hell, Spiderman 3, Ghost Rider, The Human Contract, Big Shots, Grizzly Park, Fierce Friend, and more. Shephard has really outdone himself with the music for the Into the Badlands television series. The tracks on this album are dark, eerie, and slightly sinister. Yet they are also occasionally strikingly beautiful. This music has a really cool big sound that is surprisingly intense and surreal at times. If you're a fan of the motion picture, then you have a reason to hear this music minus all the dialogue. If you're not even aware the show exists, then we would still highly recommend this music. Particularly for those who love experimental music and strange orchestras. These compositions combine state-of-the-art electronics with classical instruments to create music that is simultaneously compelling and occasionally overwhelming. Twenty-six amazing cuts here. Standout tracks include "The Greatest Clipper in the Badlands," "Arrival at the Fort," "Attack at Widow's House," "The Graveyard Fight," and "The Journey Has Just Begun." Produced by Shephard with executive producers Cary E. Mansfield and Bryon Davis and mastered by Chas Ferry...this soundtrack is simply THE BEST. Highly recommended. Top pick.

Alan Simon - Big Bang (CD, Babaika Productions, Progressive/orchestral)
Big Bang is a rather remarkable album in so many ways. These tracks will appeal to folks who love progressive rock, classical, orchestral, trance, and/or space music. Up to this point in time, Alan Simon is best known by most people as the man who created the incredibly popular Celtic rock opera Excalibur. But just as he has demonstrated on other albums since then, his music is expansive and far reaching. As the years pass by, his other recordings will become just as celebrated and popular. Big Bang is Alan's "musical interpretation of the creation of the universe." That may sound like a mighty big chunk to bite off, but after hearing these tracks you'll probably feel as if you've been witnessing the audio soundtrack to the creation of everything. These tracks are really more like orchestral compositions than progressive rock recordings, but there are elements of both here. A whole host of talented musicians added their talents to these recordings including Alan Stivell, John Helliwell, Michael Sadler, and Roberto Tiranti. Simon once again proves he is master of his musical universe, perfectly composing and executing complex heady tracks that are bound to inspire and amaze. Housed in a beautifully designed triple fold digipak sleeve, this album comes complete with a cool booklet featuring plenty of liner notes as well as cool space photographs. Almost an hour's worth of music including pleasantly trippy tracks like "Prologue of the First Day," "Interstellar," "Andromeda," and "The Waltz of the Universe."

Smaller Hearts - Smaller Hearts (Independently released CD-R, Pop)
Really cool minimalistic electronic pop from Halifax, Nova Scotia's Smaller Hearts. These folks operate from the perspective that less is more. And on this self-titled album, that's exactly what you get. Previously known as Homo Duplex (haw haw!), Smaller Hearts is the husband and wife duo of Kristina Parlee and Ron Bates. Simplicity really stands out in the world of music. Decades ago, artists solidified their individuality using expensive technology to create their sounds. But now that virtually anyone has access to the technology, the result has been an overflooded market in which just about everyone sounds the same. So if you like your music simple and direct, there's a very good chance you will totally dig the groovy sounds on this album. Parlee and Bates write songs that could best be described as pop, but they're presented in such a way that they have very little in common with twenty-first century commercial pop music. Listening to these tracks, we're reminded of a variety of artists including (but not limited to) Ivy, The Shoes, and Stereolab (all top favorites in the plush babysue office suites). The vocals are completely incredible. Both Kristina and Ron have silky smooth voices that really make these tunes kick into high gear. Plenty of warm analog sounds...groovy rhythms...and an overall feelgood vibe make this album exceptionally entertaining. We're totally impressed by tracks like "Summertime," "Lost Words," "Maisie," "The Ups and Downs of Forgetting Everything" (great song title), "Hibernation," and "The Year We Spent Awake." Highly recommended. TOP PICK.

Chris Squire - Fish Out of Water (Double CD reissue, Esoteric Recordings, Progressive pop/rock)
Yes fans will be clamoring to get their hands on this one, as it seems to be one of the best of the early solo albums spun off by the band's over-abundance of creativity. Originally released on the Atlantic Records label in 1975, Fish Out of Water had held up extremely well over time. This beautifully packaged double disc set features a brand new mix of the album by King Crimson member Jakko Jakszy that breathes new life into the tracks, as well as the original re-mastered stereo mix. Also included are four bonus tracks. A cool booklet is included that features a well-written detailed piece written by Sid Smith, some notes on the new mix by Jakszy, liner notes/credits, and lyrics to the songs. Sadly, Squire is no longer with us (he passed away in 2015). But if he were here, we have no doubt that this release would receive his ultimate seal of approval. Chris composed all the tracks and also arranged and produced the album. Thanks to the fine folks at Esoteric Recordings, this release will help to ensure that Chris's musical vision lives on forever. Cool, pensive, and intelligent, Fish Out of Water is a reminder of all the things that made/make progressive rock music great. Killer tracks include "Hold Out Your hand," "You By My Side," Lucky Seven," "Safe (Canon Song)," "Silently Falling," and "Run With the Fox." Highly recommended. TOP PICK.

Tangerine Dream - Quantum Gate + Quantum Key (Double CD, K Scope, Progressive)
Double disc reissue that combines the 2017 album Quantum Gate with the 2015 EP Quantum Key. This project began as a series of musical sketches created by Tangerine Dream founding member Edgar Froese in 2015. After his death, his friends/colleagues continued realizing his dreams and visions...and the result is this heady collection of music. Considering how long the Tangerine Dream name has been around, it is amazing indeed how inspired and relevant these tracks are. We were surprised to read on the internet that this is (approximately) the 150th album released under the band's name (!). The musicians who fleshed out and completed these tracks did an amazing job. Sculpting Edgar's ideas into a finalized format were Thorsten Quaeschning, Ulrich Schnauss, and Hoshiko Yamane...all three of whom worked absolute magic on these tracks. This album will obviously appeal to Tangerine Dream fans. But the tracks will also be relevant to just about anyone into progressive/electronic music. Housed in a beautifully designed foldout sleeve, we have absolutely no doubt that one has Froese's seal (or soul) of approval. Cool trance-like tracks include "Sensing Elements," "Granular Blankets," "Tear Down the Grey Skies," "Electron Bonfire," and "Mirage of Reality." Well done. Top pick.

Twink - Sugar Trip (Vinyl 7" EP, Progressive pop)
When we last heard from Twink, it was a sad moment because along with the incredible music came the news that it would be the last album from the band. Because we had/have been Twink fans for such a long time, we were bummed to say the least. So it was a surprise indeed to receive this, the latest (and apparently very last) release from the band that has inspired, entertained, and confused so many. The songs on this EP are not new recordings. Rather, they are leftover songs that did not make it onto previous releases. These tracks are an uplifting experience, because they remind us of all the great times we've experienced over the years listening to this unique band and sharing the songs with just about everyone we know. Just as has been the case with all Twink releases, packaging is an integral part of the package. This nifty 7" record is housed inside a sleeve featuring some totally fantastic artwork provided by Kim Thompson. And the record itself is half blue and half yellow...a cool visual trick we've never seen before. But the cool progressive music created is the real treat, of course. Four tracks are featured: "Sugar Trip," "Uh Uh Oh," "Fruitbat," and "The Return of Doctor Eelsleeves." If you're already familiar with Twink, you know what to expect...incredibly creative cerebral stuff that sounds like no one else. If you've never experienced Twink, now is the time to gather up the band's entire catalog...before the physical releases become rare and extremely pricey. We're still waiting to see what Mike Langlie's next project will be. After all, he managed to change the world in his own unique way with Twink. So the future does, indeed, look bright. Everything this cool fellow does is pure...magic. Highly recommended. TOP PICK.

Un Ane Gonflable - Un Ane Gonflable (Independently released import CD, Pop)
What a cool band. The tracks on Un Ane Gonflable immediately reminded us in subtle ways of Howard Devoto, Magazine, The Monochrome Set, and Serge Gainsbourg. Not your average points for comparison in 2018 (!). The band is comprised of Luc Andre, Peter Rahe, Dan Katz, and Tobias Hanel. One of the first things that we noticed about these tracks is that the lyrics are sung in French, English, and German. But no matter what the language, Andre's vocals are always spot-on and inspired. Even though they're best described as modern pop, we can't come up with any obvious twenty-first comparisons for these tracks. These songs have a nice open sound that isn't hampered by overproduction and digital tweaking. Overall, this self-titled album has a nice breezy sound that is pleasing to the ears and mind. Ten well-crafted cuts here including "Strawberry Sunday," "Pingpong Bar," "Coralie," and "Tropiques."

Zack Varner - Blues in the Nude (CD, Fang, Jazz)
Classy and classic jazz. Austin, Texas-based saxophone player Zack Varner plays jazz in the fine tradition set by artists in the 1940s and 1950s...when the genre was really being defined by many key players in the field. Although he's been playing for years, Blues in the Nude is Varner's debut solo album. This one's a hit. Zack ventures into various territories here, including blues, Latin, tango, bossa nova, bop, rock, and straightforward jazz. The key word here is consistent. Whatever Varner and his associates play, it sounds great because all of the musicians are totally in synch with one another and focused. These tracks have a nice warm organic sound, thanks to genius recording engineer Kenny Siegal at Old Soul Studios in Catskill, New York. Playing with Varner on this album are Ross Margitza on piano, Daniel Durham on bass, Wayne Salzmann II on drums, Ilia De La Rosa on cello, Carter Arrington on guitar, Mark Gonzalez on trombone, Adrian Ruiz on trumpet, and Bennett Wood on alto and tenor saxophones. But despite the fact that so many players are involved, these tracks have a nice open airy sound that defies their complexity. All of the songs are originals...which makes this album an even more impressive experience. Genuinely inspired tracks include "Happy Enough," "Let the Baby Cry," "Tiger Pudding," and "What Did You Hide in the Potato Barn?"



The weather
Went away.


Wishbone Ash / Martin Turner - The Beauty of Chaos: Live at the Citadel (Double CD + DVD, Dirty Dog Discs, Pop/rock), Twin Barrels Burning (Double CD reissue, Lemon Recordings, Pop/rock), Raw to the Bone (Double CD reissue, Lemon Recordings, Pop/rock)
A whole slew of new Wishbone Ash releases. Martin Turner and Wishbone Ash have seen a resurgence of interest over the past few years. And as The Beauty of Chaos: Live at the Citadel clearly demonstrates, the band is still looking and sounding great. This triple disc captures the band playing live at The Citadel in St. Helens on February 26, 2016. Discs one and two present the audio tracks while disc number three is a DVD. For this show, the band was comprised of Turner, Danny Willson, Misha Nikolic, and Tim Brown. Produced by Turner and co-produced and mixed by Mark Emery, the sound quality is excellent throughout. Next up we have a deluxe double disc reissue of the 1982 album Twin Barrels Burning. When it was released, this was the band's twelfth studio album. At this point in time, the band consisted of Laurie Wisefield on vocals and guitars, Andy Powell on vocals and guitars, Trevor Bolder on vocals and bass guitar, and Steve Upton on drums. This was the only Wishbone Ash album to feature Bolder, who was also in the band Uriah Heep. This deluxe disc set features lots of extras. The first disc features all the tracks from the original album plus three bonus tracks. The second disc presents "The American Remixes" of tracks from the album. This one's a must for diehard. Lastly, a double disc reissue of Raw to the Bone has also been released. The album is the only one to feature bass player Marvin Spence. It is also the last to feature the talents of Laurie Wisefield, who had been with the band for years. Raw includes a wealth of additional material that is essential for fans. In addition to the tracks from the original album, also included are (a) the four unreleased songs from the post-album 1986 sessions (b) the Friday Rock Show BBC sessions and (c) four live tracks from Hammersmith. So there you have it, Wishbone fans...multiple treasure troves for your listening/viewing pleasure. They're all packaged to perfection and brimming over with material.

Stefano Zeni - Parallel Paths (CD, Zanetti, Fusion, jazz, classical, avant-garde, world)
An exceedingly rewarding listening experience from a man who seems to draw inspiration from a wide array of sources. Hard to believe that this is a debut album (!), as these tracks are light years beyond what many achieve decades into their careers. Violinist Stefano Zeni seems to create music out of pure inspiration. His songs tread in and out of various genres and yet...there are strange cohesive qualities that consistently hold your attention. Zeni has worked with a mind-boggling array of different artists over the years (click on his web site above for further information). Our guess is that all of these previous experiences were instrumental in leading up to the release of Parallel Paths. There's a lot to take in here. Stefano presents fifteen tracks that clock in at just under sixty-two minutes. The violin playing is impressive to say the least. Instead of playing it safe, Zeni takes all kinds of risks with his music...occasionally treading into pure experimentation. Whether you like jazz or rock or classical or whatever, you're bound to find something here that will amaze you. To give you a basic idea of what to expect, in the press release that accompanied this album Zeni says that he has been influenced by Jean-Luc Ponty, Pat Metheny, Bill Frisell, Weather Report, and Steps Ahead. Obviously Stefano has tip-top taste in music. Every track on this album is an exercise in true creativity. Standout cuts include "Sit on the Fence Part 1," "Intensive Care," "World in Colours," and "Orange Clouds on the Horizon."

Mike Zito - First Class Life (CD, Ruf, Blues/rock)
The folks at Germany's Ruf Records sure have their fingers on the pulse of blues/rock. At this point in time, the label seems to have some of the finest artists in the genre on their ever-expanding label. First Class Life is Mike Zito's fourteenth full-length release. He's made quite a name for himself over the years as a solo artist as well as a member of the band Royal Southern Brotherhood. Mike has a really great soulful voice that is immediately inspired and real. And his guitar playing speaks for itself. The backup musicians are superb. Backing Zito on this album are Lewis Stephens on keyboards, Matthew Johnson on drums, Terry Dry on bass, and Bernard Allison on guitar. All of these musicians are tight and focused. The combined energy of everyone involved has produced a batch of tunes with a really cool overall vibe. Fans of classic blues will love these tracks. They were recorded using only the basics, with no annoying twenty-first technology getting in the way of things. Produced by Thomas Ruf and Zito and engineered by Zach Feemster, First Class Life has a nice big thick sound that will please fans of analog recordings. Eleven groovy tracks here including "Mississippi Nights," "I Wouldn't Treat a Dog (the Way You Treat Me)," "Old Black Graveyard," and "Trying to Make a Living." If you like the sound of a band playing live, this album will push all of your buttons. These tracks sizzle with spontaneous intensity.


Additional Items Received:

Academics for Pure Boredom - Slurps
Ryan Adams - Heartbreaker (deluxe edition)
Ryan Adams - Dustjacket (relaxed edition)
Additional Items Composed - Reversal of radishes
Additional Items Reversed - Back to the additional items
Adele - My frisky rat puppy done ate my head off
Alice Copper - Lob it to Seth
Allman Brothers - Crackdown concert 1986
Shirlette Ammons - Language barrier
Am Not - Am too
Anohni - Hopelessness
Anthrax - For all kings
Antlers for Booboo - Oh no not that tired old runt again
Ape - Don't say no words
Apples Got Smushy - Train smush
Application For Crap - Please submit crap
Athens Is Not A City - Trauma for the bush animals
August Wish - Traps for punted
Augusta Is Not A City - Wilma for the plush panels

Bad Bump - Banana tread
Badfigure - Crooked down
Bambi Dambi - Lambi
Ballerina Pumps - Blackass
Barge - Limpy
Beadulls - Desmocker
Beatles - Medium
Beatles - Medium rare
Beatles - Rare
Beatles - Not as rare
Beatles - Stuff that was never recorded
Beatles - Stuff that we wish had never been recorded
Bee Numb - Numb bee
Beyonce - Sorry
Beyonce - I can dance even if I can't do anything else very well
Beyonce - If all you want is an ugly body and face, I've got both
Beyonce - Don't you get tired of hearing my stupid name all the time
Beyonce - I'm really a boring old hag who looks terrible without thick layers of make-up
Beyonce - If I can dance good who cares what I can't do
Beyond the Beyonder - Blander and blander
Bjork - Vulnicura live
Black Tabitha - Pastor of senility
Blankets for Blankets - Laps
Blender in a Blinder - Fizzle
Bobo's Pretty Duster - Lamp off, lamp on
Davie Bowie - All the dumb dudes
Breezer the Flew - Like dazzlers in fume
Bumps Fifty - West
Jenna Bush - Why does my face resemble the rectum of a pig?
Jenna Bush - Trying way too hard to be clever and cute, but I will always be unbearably annoying
Butler Pudding - Lippity gris gris
Buzz's Lamp Cord - Tawny frink

Car Mump - Dazed and refused
Casket of Corformity - Laser dog
Cast of Cast - Lastly
Cat Grave - Mickey's laboratory
Cesula - Maid in martians
Chance The Rapper - Coloring book
Chicago - Love songs
Chump - Malaria
Chunks of Paisley Pumps - Lordy the snore is a plaza burn
Eric Clapton - I still do
Phil Collins - No jacket required
Sean Combs - How come I never get reviewed in babysue?
Sean Combs - You don't like me just because I'm arrogant and obnoxious, I get it
Sean Combs - Hey, I make a lot of money you underground jerks
Sean Combs - I'm rich, rich, RICH...ain't that what it's all about?
Sean Combs - Lookin' ugly every day o' my life
Come To Lulu's Nurse - Romp and the bumpy tum tum
Confederate Railroad - Happy to be alive
Conscious Or Not - Grumpy lazy
Crap You Like - Tape measure
Crosby, Stills & Nash - Survival Sunday
Crunchy Links - Switches and prawns
Miley Cyrus - How come I never get mentioned in babysue?
Miley Cyrus - I guess it's because nothing I do has any substance
Miley Cyrus - I like lots of attention
Miley Cyrus - I wish I wasn't dull and boring
Miley Cyrus - I am so ugly and stupid
Miley Cyrus - Anything for attention
Czerchnkii - Dim

Dadfinger - Where's dad's finger when you need it?
Dae Dae - Mae Mae
Daisy Days - Freezing
Damn People - Damn People
Damn Tumblers - Damn Tumblers
Damn Warp - Damn Warp
Damn Zoo - Damn Zoo
Deftones - Gore
Devonte - Feed me
Devonte - Find me
Diets Are For Dimwits - Lassie's lost pudding cup
Dimmer than Dim - Inputs
Dion - New York is my home
Dirty Pennies - Flocks and pimps
Doves That Die Today - Lassie
Drippy Dennis - Directional
Dry Potato - Sync
Ducks for Ducks - Nine hundred ponies
Dumb Sounds - Like Nanny and the poodle

Each and Each - Teach
Eachy - Preachy
Eat The Bounty Feathers - Naptime
Ectonerf - Bah baddah bah
Elephant Muff - Beneath the blurry knob
Elves and Bumpy Thumpers - Original motion picture soundtrack
Emergency Flakes - Phasers
Empty - Flow
Empty Flower - 1 2 3 4
Enough for Five Thousand - One bottle
Enter the Entrance With Lockets - Glasses on the puddle
Eventually We'll All Die With Nothing - Pom poms
Everyone But - But Everyone
Ewe - Ranch funk
EZ - Not so

FA - La la
Famous Famous - Converter
Far Out Far In - Farin
Faxes Forever - Limp little pixies
Ferz - Lizzy
Fifty Million - Zero lads
Finks Forever - Live at the dead
Five Times Fifty-Five - Live
Four Times Four Is Four - Five times
Foxes - All I need
Fume - Lumps
Funky Laminate - Parking
Fur For Francis - Pouches

Gang of Flower - Untertainment
Gas Pumps - Last primper
Gauge Rage - Now cow
Germany's Burp - Lamp drill
Get Your Begging Done - Tower bitch
Vince Gill - Down to my last bad habit
Goddamn Children - Goddamn us all to hell
Goo Goo Dolls - Boxes
Graham Slackers - Naturally grabby
Ariana Grande - Into you
Grandmothers and Grandfathers - Nothing else to live for except the goddamn grandchildren
Grass Patches - Dolby
Josh Groban - Stages live
David Guetta - This one's for you
Guns N Roses - Acoustic session: Radio broadcast 1987

Hamster on a Bun - Heartache on a bun
Hamster on a Lettuce Leaf - Try to find something to stuff in your cheeks
Jennifer and Sarah Hart - Where did our love go
Jennifer and Sarah Hart - We loved Jesus very much
Jennifer and Sarah Hart - Happy together
Hay - Hay
Hazle - Measurements
Hell for Humans - Happiness is a dumb puppy
Help Me Help Me - Liver
Help the Hopeless - Bloody hearts get you nowhere
Hissy - Laserbon
Hitt - Dawn for the loud birds
Hizzers - Stuck
Ian Hunted - Punts and nuttters
Husperate - ADN
Hut for Henry - Universe of sandy
Huzzle - Earlier albums

Ian - Jackknife
Icky - Picky, picky, picky
If It Dies Don't Touch It - I offered more than they wanted and they took it
If You Knew Nothing You Would Be Nothing - Drips
Inky Doll - Dampness and dryness
In The End The Beginning - Ridgefield
It Stays Warm - Square butter
IX Lamb Sweater - To each his each
IZZ - Each his to his

Alan Jackson - Now that I'm a girl
Alan Jackson - Now that I done gone angry
Alan Jackson - My drone
Michael Jackson - Off the wall
Michael Jackson - Towers of nothing
Michael Jackson - Nosey dopes
Jerry's Apple - Towers
Jerry's Crud - Narry a buster
Jersey is Swervy - Translustre
Jethro Toil - Sick as a tick
Jethro Wump - Aquatong
Jethro Zoo - Minstrel in the snake exhibit
Elton John - Wonderful crazy night
Elton John - Where did my voice go?
Jones Is A Donkey - Drammamine
Jones Is An Elephant - Mine ain't mine
Judas Priest - Battle cry
Junk Is Just Junk - Lady trunk

Kaas - Lacey
Kalesh - Kaos
Kandy and the Ks - Lassie's drool
Kows - Land of the Kows
Kraftlunch - Radio lunch
Kraftdinner - Electric dinner
Kraftsnack - Trans euro snack
Krap - Krap
Krazy Cow - Lots of tips
Krunchy Krunch - Captain's caps and tons
Kudzu's Lamp - Drastic
Kunks - The Late Glossy Kunks Album

Lab Crutch - Tramps that David hates
Ladies For Pretzels - Louder than the other thing that we had discussed earlier
Lady Gaga - How come I never get mentioned in babysue?
Lady Gaga - If I look really strange, nothing else matters
Lady Gaga - Anything for fame
Lady Gaga - Anything for money
Lamb Peppers - Smuppy
Lamps for the Homeless - These goddamn things don't work
Cindi Lauper - Grandmothers with bad hair colors
Laxative Preamble - Naps and snappers
Let There Be Let - Now there be meow
Lisa Said - First time, long time
Lists - Stop the Lists
Loretta Lynn - Sings her favorite Nine Inch Nails songs
Loud and Loud - Dull and dull
Lumineers - Cleopatra
Lumps - Lousy mouses
Lung Disease - Trowel

Manners and Nanners - Tablets for pokey
Trayvon Martin - Skittuzz fo evuhbuddeh
Trayvon Martin - Juss a boy on his way to duh candy sto
Masta Ace - The falling season
Matchbox - Going down there
Math for Math's Sake - Plazas
Maze Lops - Trazzler
Mazer's Big Torch Bucket - Lipsy
Bruce McArthur - People in pots
Bruce McArthur - Landscape architect blues
Bruce McArthur - Big 'n' playful
Tim McGraw - Do anything for charity
Tim McGraw - Do anything to make money
Tim McGraw - Do anything
Millie's Pork Bucket - Boxes won't go away
Money for Puny People - Lucky drop
Monkey Chuck - Arlene
Monkey Davis - Nervous
Monkey Pauline - Damnable
Moo Moo the Bow Wow - Trouser's ain't fresh no more
Motorhead - Clean your clock
Motorbutt - Clock your cleaners
Mrowl - Prowling for mrowl
Murphy and Nop - Dammy and slop
Murphy and Nuns - Drippy nun bitches
Murphy's Paw - Plaid and dumb
My Evening Girdle - Snippets and drabble
My Evening Snot - Things my animals forget to learn

David Nail - Fighter
Nasal and Tonsil - Lasers and urchers
Ned and the Headrumpers - Trowels
Aaron Neville - Apache
Newsboys - God's not dead
New York Dolls - We weren't real dolls
New York Dolls - We were real dolls
New York Dolls - We were really from Portland
No More Blouses - Farmy
No More Bundt Cakes - Prowler
No More Cactus - Deal or no no
Nothing That You Haven't Heard Before - Repeat it
Now Cows - Blouses and thermometers
Numb's Fumbler - Town and mouth

Octorub - Norbie
Oh No That Old Shithead Is Here Again - Rotten old schmucks with no manners
Oooh - Uuuuuh
Oooh Oooh - Uuuuuh uhhh
Opposite of Opposite - Lopposite
Orange Floyd - Sharp glide of the goon
The Orb - It's 1963 and the stripes are grinding
The Orb - Big fluffy omelets
Osmosis - USB #7
Other Muzzles - Howdy Pops
Oz and the Schnoz - Pow wows and monkeys

Painted Fuss - Nope
Pants and Pantless - Rainy press
Part Blub - Fran is ugly
Dolly Parton - Lots of money makes me happy
Dolly Parton - Lots of attention makes me happy
Dolly Parton - Lots of everything makes me happy
Paws With Fingers - Ink bus
Pet Shop Boys - Super
Poodle Powder - Dust of the dawgie
Mike Posner - At night, alone
Pranks for Steak Loads - Heaps of slop
The Puddles - Nappy load
Punk Biscuits - Sap
Punk Noodles - Take this noodle and cook it
Puny - Runny infection
Pusfergradison - Nay, the basket sayeth

Quacks - Trippy truck
Quails and Trucks - Lamb power
Queen For A Tray - Lower the pork
Query - Stop the questions
Quest for Dope - Smoking snuff
Quails Got Drunk - Beer and tissue paper
Quicker Than Daffy - Cords that don't work
Quiet Little Worm Thing - Never thought about it and never want to now
Quiz Germs - Links that don't work
Quurtie - Lousy bench

Radiohead - Daydreaming
Radiodud - Half of the basic shop
Radishes - Lavish stickers
Debbie Rafter - Lemme after
Raws - Raws and raws
Red Hot Chili Peppers - Dark necessities
Reel to Raoul - Mouthpiece
Reform Club - Never yesterday
Rely On Relish - Candy dash
Mick Rhodes & The Hard Eight - Paradise city
Roasted Trap - Asia's not there anymore
Rolling Bones - Get your mama's kraut
Rolling Chunks - Flower pots
Rolling Dammits - Sure thing not sure
Rolling Elderly People - Stocky plungers
Rolling Joints - Finky stinkers
Rolling Monkeys - Monkeys on Main Street
Rumpy - USBs and RTDs
Runny - Tippy's revenge
Rush - Beneath, between and behind
Ruzzer - Bow to the Ruzzer
Rylo - The dog's head is not steady anymore

Larry Samual - Barney doesn't have hugs for me
Santa Died Last Night - Presenting...
Santa Did It - Lamenting
Ed Sheeran - How come I never get mentioned in babysue?
Ed Sheeran - It's because my music is crummy, isn't it?
Ed Sheeran - Why do I look and sound so crummy?
Ed Sheeran - Are there any questions that have answers?
Blake Shelton - Can't help it if I'm a boring dullard
Blake Shelton - If you're into what I do you're obviously on the wrong web site
Blake Shelton - If people think I'm handsome they must really be confused and retarded
Shotgun Louise - Rampy dim
Shotgun Tina - Lousy lamps
Shotgun Zappa - Mouses and mouses
Smashing Drumsticks - Pass the pepper
Smuppy - The tatters that ground pepper
Snoop Dogg - Coolaid
Sparse - Kim's Ono spy mouse
Rick Springfield - Rocket science
Bruce Springsteen - I'm a generic old woman who never could sing
Mavis Staples - Livin' on a high note
Steely Dan - Doing it in a ditch
Barbra Streisand - Barfing up my breakfast
Styx - Suite madame blue: Radio broadcast 1977
Sultans of Swing - Subcontinental drift
Swap and Change - Loudness weird
Swenter - Flowers
Taylor Swift - How come I never get reviewed in babysue?
Taylor Swift - Well, if your publicist would send something...you might.
Taylor Swift - Really?
Taylor Swift - Sure
Swy - Rent

Tai Tai - Lists
Talking Sheds - Lambs forking up tonsils
Tea For Lunch - Massachusetts isn't a country
Teepee Tupperware - Laura's butter pand
Telltale - Taller toll
Thuds - Ready for emperors
Thunder - All you can eat
Justin Timberlake - Can't stop being shallow
Tonk - Thoughtly
Trilly Dills and Damp Dippers - Witch white
Trunk Idiots - Laugh when it's all over
Try To Try - Stop and try
Tummy Bus - Lambs and prawns
Tunker - Lassie's paw
Twisted Sister - Rock 'N' Roll Saviours: The early years
Steven Tyler - We're all somebody from nowhere
TZ397 - Rowl the smunk

Ugly Banana - How do the hussy wink
Ugly Orange - Do the mouse
Ultraplucks - Eyebrow mania
Umbrella Vision - Church of tassle
Uncle Duck - Mushed
Uncle Pregnant - Does and rodents
Carrie Underwood - I'm proof that people have horrible taste
Carrie Underwood - Making money is more important than making good music
Carrie Underwood - Cliff diving lesbians
Keith Urban - Ripchord

Various Artists - A collection of dull dribble that no one will ever notice
Various Artists - We stopped makin' em because they stopped buyin' em
Various Artists - No one buys these kinds of compilations anymore so that's why we keep producing 'em
Various Artists - Tribute to someone whose name we can't remember
Various Artists - Trying to get something heard never works
Various Artists - The most boring bands you never cared to hear
Various Artists - We're the last ones to know the last ones
Various Artists - Our albums are always the first to get thrown away
Various artists - Who gets to eat the trash

Wally Is Near - Stamp that thing goodbye
Wanda and the Wandas - Limp
We Don't Get It - Now is the now
Well I Guess This Is Just Another One - Lumps
Whether Or Not - Lousy weather
Why Can't We Eat It In The Car - Marbly
William XIII - XIII or 238
Lucinda Williams - Ghosts of Highway 20
Wind That Goes - Don't

X - The day we tied our shoes wrong
Xie - La la the distance away
X-ray Pecs - Lookie away
X-ray Stats - Box cutters and tramplers
Xzistance - Lift down

Yack Yack - Tacky tick
Yanni - The dream concert
Yell All The Time For Whatever You Pay For It - Taxi service
Yellow Floyd - Park wide until noon
Yesterday's Potties - Damp portions
Yes We Will Be Bananas - Trap doors
Yes You - You guessed it
You might - Yes you might
You never - Well I never
Young and Bland - Stick, stuck
Yoyos for Panama - Sharp
Yoyos for Zop - Trollo mia presto
Yuck This Tastes Awful - Don't eat it then

Zappa and the Zappettes - Trown
Frank Zappa - How flowers got in the potty train
Frank Zappa - Lukewarm mouses
Zi - See Zi play
Zunk - How the leaves got patchy
Zupper - Towels for Blanche
Zyle - Twelve and fifty

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