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May 2024:
babysue comic strips, News, Views and Perspectives & Notable New Releases
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May 2024 News, Views and Perspectives

* What people are doing and not doing.  In the early 1900s people were doing things and a lot of the things they did were important.  But in the 1940s and 1950s many folks stopped doing much that really mattered.  All of that changed in the 1960s when it became mod and hip to do lots and lots of things all at once.  This trend continued well into the 1990s, the decade when there was way too much happening.  But as the century drew to a close, many citizens started thinking about how they were spending their time.  They weren't happy with their lives and this carried over into the lives of their friends and families.  When the twenty-first century began there wasn't much happening anywhere because hardly anyone was doing anything.  Our current decade has seen further decline in terms of interest and productivity.  No one cares much about anything and, as a result, they're just not interested in doing very much.  Time will tell if this will change or stay the same.  *  Texas-based recording artist Stephanie Sammons has a new album out entitled Time and Evolution.  Even though she's been recording for several years, this is her debut full-length.  Stephanie began her recording career with a self-titled EP back in 2010 and another EP entitled Who I Am in 2017.  The new album features ten well-crafted tunes.  *  Funny, funny, funny.  If you want chuckles galore, check out motion pictures and television shows starring the wonderfully peculiar talents of Danny McBride.  This guy snuck up on us, slowly catching our attention in several supporting roles.  But once he honed in on his specialty -- playing arrogant self-centered foul-mouthed jerks -- we were hooked.  Now we can't get enough of Mr. McBride.  The guy is a natural at what he does.  And he is one of the funniest entertainers out there in 2024.  *  [continued below]

You aren't reading this.  You probably think you're reading what you see and what you think you are reading.  But when you consider all variables concerned with time and space, you realize that you aren't really reading this.  You actually aren't reading anything ever.  Words only exist in the past and present.  In the future all words disappear forever.  *  Rachael Sage has a new album out entitled Another Side.  Featuring a striking cover photo of Sage decked out in red, pink and silver, the album features fourteen new recordings.  The second track features guest artist Crys Matthews and the final two cuts feature Howard Jones.  On the MPress Records label which is distributed by Virgin Group.  *  Everyone is doing the new thing that everyone is doing.  It's a fad, all right.  Somebody did something and then uploaded it so that everyone could see what they did.  And now everyone is doing the same thing.  It's so great when everybody does the exact same thing at the exact same time.  This isn't behavior normally associated with lemmings, it's what cool modern original people do to express themselves.  They certainly don't mindlessly copy each other because they can't come up with their own ideas.  They are only being unique and original human beings, just like everyone else.  * [continued below]

Cigarettes are the new IN thing.  Many years ago people smoked cigarettes because it was the cool thing to do.  But when they realized cigarettes were killing them most people stopped smoking.  Then vaping came along and people started vaping because it was the cool thing to do.  But when people realized vaping was killing them most stopped vaping.  Now people are smoking cigarettes again because it is the cool thing to do.  *  Those damn sheep have finally been located.  They've been missing for hundreds of years.  But just recently scientists were genuinely surprised when Little Bo Peep informed them that she had found her missing sheep.  They were hiding inside a periwinkle nut, wearing tiny black sunglasses that hid their view of the world.  Peep claims she had no clue whatsoever as to their whereabouts for such a long period of time.  But we have our doubts...  *  The unstoppable Jeremy Morris has three (!) new albums out and, as usual, they all hit the target.  Out now on Jam Records are Jeremy's albums Wonderful (20 new songs) and Footprints (12 new songs).  Also out now on Jam is New Adventures by The Lemon Clocks, featuring Jeremy and his writing/recording associate Stefan Johansson.  Fifteen tracks of pure underground pop perfection.  *  Big Rockets going up.  Lots of big rockets are going up into space this year.  Six of them are over ten feet high and the other nine are fifteen feet high.  These big rockets will travel very fast, at speeds well over 100 MPH.  At some point they will reach destinations and provide important information that will be stored somewhere.  Listen and watch.  These rockets will provide sensitive information that will solve everything.  *  The Big Famous Person's activities.  The Big Famous Person is at the center of everything.  Everyone watches what the Famous Person does because they want to understand everything about the Big Famous Person.  Everyone wants to wear clothes that look like the clothes the Big Famous Person wears.  Everyone wants to style their hair the way the Big Famous Person styles their hair.  The Big Famous Person is always in the news because that's what makes the Big Famous Person so big and famous.  Sometimes the Big Famous Person spontaneously appears in public and everyone wants to see what they look like and what they have to say.  The Big Famous Person is in your mind at all times.  Ignore everything and everyone else except for this one specific person.  * [continued below]

First Astronauts on The Sun.  Last month for the first time ever two Astronauts landed on The Sun.  For a very long time scientists thought that such a feat was impossible due to astronomical temperatures.  But, as it turns out, there has always been a thermostat located at the bottom that makes some sections generally comfortable and pleasant.  And these same areas have more oxygen than anyone could ever want or need.  A special lens was devised that allowed the Astronauts the ability to identify the comfortable spots so they would know exactly where to land.  Once they set foot on The Sun, the Astronauts were surprised to find that there were already a lot of other people living there.  And they have been living there peacefully for many many years.  Turns out that the majority of the Sun's inhabitants are Egyptians.  The Egyptians discovered the thermostat long ago and decided to make The Sun their new home.  The Astronauts found tons of pyramids scattered around the gentle lily ponds and beautifully manicured gardens with lovely hieroglyphics carved into the trees which made the whole scenario rather incredible.  But what surprised almost everyone was the temperature.  On the underside of the sun it is a constant 75 degrees Fahrenheit.  Very comfortable indeed.  Many fashionable restaurants have already popped up and there is even a cool media/music store that has become very popular with the locals.  We are considering relocating to The Sun.  After all, anything would be better than Earth.  *  A Great New Album Was Released.  There's a brand new album that was released somewhere but nobody knows what it's called and no one can remember who recorded it.  But it's a great album anyway, even if you can't identify it or hear it.  *  The Embryos.  Chicago-based power posters The Embryos have been creating cool music for years now and they show no signs of letting up.  The folks in this band seem to be making music for all the right reasons.  The songs are immediately familiar and instantly upbeat.  If you've never checked them out, now is the time.  The world needs more bands like The Embryos.  *  The Records.  Will some smart label ever consider reissuing the entire discography of The RecordsJohn Wicks' band was one of the best that ever hit the planet and the songs have held up extremely well over time.  But now, sadly, all of the music is out of print.  Such a shame.  This band's music could easily pull in entirely new legions of fans and listeners.  *  Jesus returned from Spain.  Jesus was in Spain for most of April.  But on the first of May Jesus came back from Madrid.  But the very next day he returned to Spain, but only for the day.  On the third of May Jesus rose again from Madrid and returned to his home in Cincinnati.  There's nothing he loves more than to talk about the day he came back from Madrid.  Jesus.  Spain.  Madrid.  Cincinnati.  *  The unstoppable Alrealon Musique label has released three new particularly pleasing albums:  Come Follow Me and Ether Arrangements by Pas Musique and a self-titled album by the band 2 Rooms, a project comprised of Martin Bisi, Genevieve Kammel Morris and Robert L. Pepper.  If you know the Alrealon label, you have an idea of what these are all about.  If not, this is a good opportunity to check out the world of genuine underground creativity.  *  Those taste-conscious folks at Think Like A Key (TLAK) have released two more must-have albums.  The first is a reissue of Michael de Albuquerque's We May Be Cattle But We've All Got Names.  The album was originally released in 1973 when Michael was playing in Electric Light Orchestra.  This is the definitive release of this often overlooked gem.  TLAK's second release is Paradise Is Free by Rome56.  This band is led by Arthur Lamonica who was previously in the band The Shirts.  Cool smart music that proves great underground pop continues to swirl around in the undercurrents of our planet.  *
April 2024 Notable New Releases

Your Academy - #2 Record (Kool Kat Musik).  Howard Bowie - The Rising Ball of Twiggy Fairlight (RACRAC).  This Isn't Even A Band Name It's Just A Random Sentence Someone Typed To Fill Space Here - You Can't Talk To Me Like That, And So What If It Is? (Talking To Yourself Records).  Dave Cope and The Sass - Hidden From The World (Kool Kat Musik).  Kevin Kiner - Star Wars: The Bad Batch - The Final Season, Vol. 1 (Episodes 1-8) Original Soundtrack.  Henry Merit - Henry Merit EP.  Various Artists - Uncovering Dylan, Volume 4 (Paradiddle Records).  Howlin' Jaws - Half Asleep, Half Awake (Bellevue Music Recordings / Modulor).  nraakors - The Jack In The Box Gets A New Bicycle.  Something Or Another and the Something Or Anothers - Some Album Or Something Or Something Else Altogether (Exactly Exact Recordings).  Monsieur Minimal - Easteria (Mo.Mi. Records).  Kris Heaton Band - Alive.  The Dirty Three - Love Changes Everything (Drag City).  Watertank - Liminal Status (Atypeek Music).  Yonder Mountain String Band - I'd Like Off.  The Phase Problem - The Power of Positive Thinking (Brassneck Records).  Witherfall - Sounds of the Forgotten (Deathwave Records).  Kevin Kastning & Mark Wingfield - Rubicon II (Greydisc Records).  Thadeus Gonzalez - Street Fights Are Starting To Hurt.  The Honesty Band - Not Reading This For Any Reason Other Than Finding My Own Album Listed Here (The Way It Is Music).  Phony Fibers - Is This Big Or Is This Really Big (Rats and Pillows Records).  Ernesto Diaz-Infante - Amor Celestial (Tape Drift Records).  Jeremy Ferrara - Darkness Is A Bright Sound (American Standard Time Records).  Jerry Joseph and the Jackmormons - Mouthful of Copper (vinyl reissue, Terminus Records).  Jesse Daniel - Countin' The Miles (Lightning Rod Records).  Alex Heffes - Knox Goes Away Soundtrack (Lakeshore Records).  Eiko Ishibashi - Evil Does Not Exist (Drag City).  How??? - How??? (Misra Records).  Henry Merit - Life The Way I Want It EP.  Unwanted Downfall - Wrapped Up EP (DI Records).  The Real Numbers - Thank You! (Kool Kat Musik).  David Woodward - Get It Good (Kool Kat Musik).  Nitin Sawhney - Tiger Original Score Soundtrack (Disney).  Francesco and the Black Swans - La Vie En Rose (Believe Distribution).  Gary Husband - The Complete Diary of a Plastic Box (reissue, Moonjune).  King Black Acid - Victory For Mad Love (Cavity Search Records / Mazinga Records).  Mary Middlefield - Poetry (For the Scorned and Lonely) EP.  Halma - Driving By Numbers (Kapitan Platte).  Yatwa - Parallel Lines II (Las Vegas Records).  No Teeth - Decadence In Breeding (Post Post Music).  Bertrand Loreau - Echo Of A Distant Time (Spheric Music).  John McEuen - The Newsman: A Man of Record (Compass Records).  The Rogues - Songs of Praise (Atypeek Music).  Monica Lynne Chase - Smoke & Mirrors.  Boulevards - Carolina Funk: Barn Burner on Tobacco Road (New West Records / Normaltown Records).  The Sweet Kill - Nowhere (Young & Cold Records).  ChiSonic - The Lost Art Form EP.  The Anti-Queens - Disenchanted (Stomp Records).  wht.rbbt.obj - Romeo Bravo Bravo Tango EP.

[This section only includes full-length releases and EPs.]



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