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March 2024:
babysue comic strips, News, Views and Perspectives & Notable New Releases
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March 2024: News, Views and Perspectives

* Two-dimensional ghosts are right underneath our fingers.  Old photos are always interesting.  And for some reason, the older they are the more interesting they become.  And this is particularly true when it comes to images of people.  Some of the earliest photographs fell into many different categories including daguerreotypes, tintypes, ambrotypes and cabinet cards.  These early forms of photography left strange two-dimensional echoes in our world of people from the past.  We know nothing about these distant strangers now, not even their names (unless someone way back when had the foresight to write the name on back).  In the early world of photography, you had to be very still while you were being photographed.  Accordingly, you rarely see goofball behavior and those annoying gaping toothy grins that are (unfortunately) all too common in 2024.  Antique photos are a stark reminder that the lies we are continually told ("We are all important and unique.") truly are lies, because we too will eventually end up like these odd ghosts from the past...forgotten nothings whose lives barely mattered at all.  *  Something is happening now.  There is something happening and you are the first to know about it.  Be aware of this and tell others that there is something happening now.  *  Jonah Hill stands out in the world of twenty-first century entertainers.  Over time his career has changed and evolved in some very interesting ways.  We have great respect for this extraordinarily talented fellow.  *  Looney Tunes fanatics were already frothing at the bit over last year's blu-ray entitled Collector's Choice: Volume 2.  It's an amazing view, exceptionally hilarious and highly recommended.  But the kickass news is that this year there's another super quick follow-up.  Volume 3 is being released THIS MONTH.  If it's anything even remotely like the last two, this one will be a real mind-blower.  Hats off to the fine folks at Warner Bros. again for restoring these classics from the Golden Age of Animation and making them available to everyone on a home viewing format at a ridiculously affordable price.  *  Thoughtco.com.  We were searching for some very specific information recently and were fortunate to come across exactly what we were looking for on the website Thoughtco.com.  WOW.  If only all websites were prepared with such precision and skill.  There is so much junk on the internet in 2024.  This website is an excellent example of what is possible with the right purpose, intent, people skills and motivation.  [continued below]

John Harrison.  Although the effects of his work are mostly taken for granted in the twenty-first century, we should never forget the name John Harrison.  Harrison is the man from Yorkshire, England whose chronometer solved the problem of longitude in 1759.  His determination and work continue to affect each and every one of us every day of our lives.  Read about this amazing man and how he solved the ongoing problem of measuring longitude.  It's a truly amazing and interesting story.  *  Sandy Dennis.  There are some actresses from the past for whom we have great respect.  At the top of the list is Sandy Dennis, an extraordinarily different sort of actress who unfortunately died at a very young age.  We fell in love with her when we first saw her play a mousy drunk in Whatever Happened To Virginia Wolf? (highly recommended to anyone who has never seen it).  We then went about specifically seeking out Sandy's motion pictures because she had such an unconventional and strange presence that was like no one else.  Some of our favorites include Up the Down Staircase, The Out-Of-Towners and That Cold Day In The Park (this last one is a particularly peculiar experience).  Although she is no longer with us, Sandy's incredible talent is still as credible and real as it was decades ago.  She was a true original.  *  New Manufacturing and Corporations.  In the past few weeks we opened up fifteen new manufacturing plants.  These plants are now fully operational and providing employment for thousands.  We also started three new corporations that are now functioning at full capacity.  These new ventures just part of what we do.  They are not as crucial as some might think although they are actually less exempt from things that most people are already unaware of.  *  David Peel tour.  David Peel is touring Europe in 2024 in advance of his forthcoming album The Mope Hopes Rope.  And the truth is that it has nothing whatsoever to do with marijuana.  *  New Invention.  A new invention has been invented but we're not even going to mention it here.  This is something that will change the way everything works as well as the way that everyone thinks.  The invention is near completion, but the exact date is several days to several years away.  The important thing to remember is that a new invention has been invented
[continued below]

Why Liquids Move Around.  Have you ever wondered why liquid stuff moves around so much?  If so, you're not alone.  Many others have wondered for a very long time about this.  A group of scientists in Fiji have developed new methods that will go a long way toward our understanding of this very complex subject.  Here's a hint.  The movement is caused by teeny tiny things that move around.  And when the teeny tiny things move around, so does the larger mass.  *  Unconventional Double Treat.  The creative duo Hyperbubble is making some major waves this year.  Screening in 2024 is Cowgirls and Synthesizers, a documentary by Joe Wallace that is narrated by Ricardo Autobahn who followed the duo as they went to Nashville to record an album.  The documentary includes animation and an interesting array of guests.  In addition to the documentary, an album of the same name has also just been released.  Twelve tracks that include appearances by Lederhosen Lucil, Freezepop, Simple Carnival, Garrett T. Capps, Our Daughters Wedding, Shoes, Samantha Newark, Ricardo Autobahn, Bis and more.  *  Tim Easton has a new album coming out soon entitled Find Your Way.  It will be released May 17, 2024 on Black Mesa Records.  Mr. Easton has been writing and recording music for three decades now and shows no signs of letting up.  Produced at Neighborhood Recorders in Victoria, BC by Leroy Stagger, Find Your Way presents ten new recordings that are bound to please Tim's fans.  This one's being promoted by Wendy Brynford-Jones (Hello Wendy), so you know it's gotta be good.  *  Also just released by Earache is a new album from The D.O.O.D. entitled Subterfuge.  Anyone even remotely familiar with the Earache label has a good idea of what this one sounds like.  Ferocious stuff that will appeal to those who enjoy having their eardrums abused.  *  We often hear folks claim there's not much great pop music being made in the twenty-first century.  This is only partly true.  The truth is that there's not much great commercial pop music being made this century.  The words 'commercial pop music' now refer to 'inferior music.'  The second truth is that there's a wealth of incredible music being made that is bubbling beneath the surface.  There are tons upon tons of creative people making very cool music at this point in time.  Case in point is a 12" vinyl EP entitled My Love Is that we received recently by Bernadette Seacrest, Kris Dale and Darren Stanley.  The unusual cover art on this release gives no clues about the music.  At a point in time when most people use too many layers and overproduce to infinity, these recordings are surprisingly sparse and minimalist.  Using only bass, drums, guitar and a single vocal, these folks manage to succeed where others fail.  The playing is driving and solid.  And Bernadette has a groovy smooth voice that provides the perfect focal point.  The EP presents three tracks: "Jezebel," "Vampire," and "My Love Is."  Recommended.  *  The Vancouver Improvised Arts Society has announced the return of The West Coast String Summit which will be held on May 25th & 26th, 2024 at The Ironworks & 8east. The Summit will feature Laura Ortman, Chamber of Bones: Pure Fé & Jesse Zubot with Strings, Marina Hasselberg and more.
[continued below]

* Newly released album combines the sound of The Melvins with Brian Eno.  Austin, TX-based band Cortége have a new album out entitled Under The Endless Sky.  In a world where so many artists and bands sound like carbon copies of one another, these guys manage to tread in their own unique territory.  This band merges free flowing ambient electronics with aggressive doom sludge.  The strange part is...it works.  The band's hypnotic ambient/drone side reminds us of Dan Vallor's Clarinette project (also highly recommended).  The louder more angry side of the band reminds us of 1990s sludge bands from Seattle, Washington.  We love it when bands play music that is a purely artistic endeavor with little or no regard for reaching a target audience.  You can bet your very best knitted booties that Cortége is definitely an art-driven project.  Strange, soothing, unsettling and provocative, Under the Endless Sky is an album you won't soon forget.  The band is comprised of Mike Swarbrick, Adrian Voorhies and April Schupmann.  We'd be willing to bet that if you order some of the band's music directly from them you will also receive some fantastic stickers, a button and a cool patch for your hat or jeans.  Beauty and anger merge and smash into one another with results that are brilliant and sometimes startling.

March 2024 Notable New Releases

Touch The Buffalo - Bodhicitta EP.  Howlin' Jaws - Half Asleep Half Awake (Reprobate Media / Reverbnation).  Save Save Save - Spend Spend Spend (Dipsy Doodle).  Built To Spoil - Public Schools for Subhuman Fools (Happy Love Twinkle Route).  The Twinkle Routes - Subhuman Spoils To Build (For Happy Recordings).  On The Runway - Tell Yourself It's Pretty (Kool Kat Musik).  The Munkees - Munk of the Movekees (Call Gems).  Random Robots - Far From the Beyond Place of Bossy Buff (Trail Trippers).  Rich Arithmetic - Pushbutton Romance (Kool Kat Musik).  CKH - In The Knight's Garden.  Dez Dare - A Billion Boats. A Billion Sparks. Fin. (God Unknown Records).  Aptřsrs - Elders (SkyBabyRecords).  Sheitan - Songs For the Gothic People (The Circle Music).  Madeline Rhodes - The Brothel (Good Mood Records).  Mint Mile - Roughrider (Comedy Minus One).  Karen Myatt - Femoir.  Torn Boys - 1983 (Independent Project Records).  Steven Blush - American Hair Metal: Can't Get Enough (IBPA).  Ernesto Diaz-Enfante - The Escape (Muteant Sounds).  Skip Whitman - Freakshow (bandcamp).  Cheer-Accident - Vacate (Cuneiform Records).  Antistatic - Relics (Cuneiform Records).  The Mocks - Do You Want Me To? (Wap Shoo Wap).  Wafts To Lifters - Lambs In Hell (Rusteroid).  Lousy Baker - What Crust Has You Got Now (Drink-A-Lot).  Transistor Mouse Sister - Who Yo Sister Be (Mice-A-Tronics).  Marcellus Hall - I Will Never Let You Down (bandcamp / Gutfeeling).  Christoffer Franzen - Reflections (Deep Elm).  Ignorance Is Ignorance - Bliss Is Bliss (Bliss Ignorance Music).  Jordan Jones - And I, You (Kool Kat Musik).  The Archies - Veronica and Betty Wet The Bed For Unknown Reasons (Kirshno Records).  The Lump Cent - The Wafter.  Inky Dopey Ink - Frump (Snacker Recordings and Publishing).  Alex Washy - Washing (Lulu Batch Records).  Were Where Were Were - Original Soundtrack (Snisner Music Group).  Cat Catmore  - Catmore's Lovely Muffing Batch (50th Anniversary Edition, A&L/ U78BR).  Louis Strong - Weak Week (Nerve / Mopsy).  The Sorta Sorta - Reading All The Time (Linus Minus).  Tall and Tall - You Punt the Fracture (Register The Music).  The Smithfits - Christmas With the Smithfits (Stissner Records).  Boss Ricky  - Say Yes To Boss Ricky (Lendeer Records).  Allen Quicksand - Jag Round (Meditation).  The Rag - Midnight Rag EP.  Sticker Sticks - Volume 2.  Jumpy Stuff - Mouse.  Millie Wood - Sound Soundtrack (Demonstration Entertainment).  Car Bus Truck - The Limb Fell (Doop Records).  Cary Shucks - No More Shucks EP.  Spin Port - Songs.  Girl La La - Roman EP (Posh Records).  Bri Mud - From One Screen To Another.  All The All - Shoo Shoo EP.  Sick Volume - Erosion EP.  Junky Glass - No Lines EP.  Meow Now - Meow Album (Limbo Limb Records).  Blind Granny - Vollapse.  Mickey Mickey - Hour: How Long EP (73D Records).  New Kitten - Mouse With A Shovel EP (Card Records).  Free Four - Cathy (POM Recordings).  Towel Lint - Jack (Blouse Records).  Driftwood Supper - The Meeting Patch.  Alex Millerstone - Rats and Worms (Lodie Rink Records).  Ichabod Wolf - Too True To Be Good (The Adult Teeth Recording Company).  Robert Schoeder - D.MO Vol. 5 (Spheric Music).  Erich Zann Ensemble - Bieber Sessions.  Igor Ballereau - Ptyx (Pharmafabrik Recordings).  John Howard - Single Return (Kool Kat Musik).  Kurt Hagardorn - An Analog Man In A Digital World.  Rocky Valentines - Erase (Velvet Blue Recordings).  Alex Miller - My Daddy's Dad EP (Billy Jam Records).  Carpet - Collision (Kapitan Platte).  Chatte Royal - Mick Torres Plays Too F**cking Loud (Kapitan Platte).  Autogramm - Music That Humans Can Play (Beluga Records).  What Kind Of Band Name Is That Anyway - These Songs Forgot Whose Songs They Was Now (Go Growl Away).  Victimless Is A Victimless Victim - Little Pumpkin Patty Goes To Waffles (Go-Go Boss Rings).  Brian K & The Parkway - Killing The Bear.  Wesley Fuller - All Fuller, No Filler (Kool Kat Musik).

[This section only includes full-length releases and EPs.]



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