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February 2023:
  LMNO3 Deluxe CD Release info, babysue comic strips, Fireman Joe, News, Views and Perspectives &
Notable New Releases

On February 24, 2023 the (almost) long lost album LMNO3 Deluxe will be released on CD by the label Think Like A Key Music.  The CD was digitized from the original reel-to-reel tapes and includes six bonus tracksThe album was initially only available on cassettes that were duplicated in my living room in 1985.  The album was never released on CD or LP and would have been lost forever if it were not for musicologist Jay Dravenstadt who digitized one of those obscure cassettes (and shared the files) and Roger Houdaille who took the time to remaster the tracks and release it on his ultra-cool label.

Volume 3, Issue 3 of the babysue print magazine has now been PDF'd.  Here's a sample, a little ol' story entitled Fireman Joe...

February 2023: News, Views and Perspectives

NEWS. *  I have recently fallen in love with comic artist Roz Chast all over again.  She has always been a top favorite.  After pawing through her books and remembering so many unforgettable images and ideas, it's easy to recall why this amazing lady has had such a huge impact on my life.  Roz has an amazing way of presenting her keen observations about the world, people and animals and has a unique style that is like no one else.  The humor is not driven by punch lines, it is far more cerebral and intelligent than that.  If you've only seen the occasional Chast comic strip in The New Yorker, do yourself a favor and pick up one of her books.  The best starting points might be Theories of Everything, Mondo Boxo and Parallel Universes.  Roz continues to be one of the most original individuals on our planet.  *  With so much happening in our world in 2023, it seems peculiar that almost all of it is completely drab and irrelevant.  Perhaps that's why everyone prefers to refer to references.  * Pianist Eva Polgar has a new album out entitled Liszt: Harmonies, Patriotiques et Religieuses.  *  Speaking of pianists, Matthew McCright also has a new album out called Hanging By A Thread.  *  Alrealon Musique has released a new full-length from Mark Harris & John 3:16 entitled Procession.  This one is available as a limited edition CD and digital download/stream.  *  Stephen Clair & His Effing Great Band have a new album out entitled Live At The Clubhouse.  This one is, of course, a live album that features ten groovy songs.  *  Gary Ritchie hits another home run with a big ol' double CD entitled Potpourri of Harmony, a retrospective featuring 52 kickass cuts.  *  Public Eyesore released two more unusual albums.  The first from Charles Lareau is a cassette-only album entitled Stasis (on the eh? label) and the second is a self-titled CD from Guro Skumsnes Moe & Philippe Petit (on the Public Eyesore label).  *  Robert Forster has a new album out entitled The Candle and The Flame on the Tapete Records label.  *  The band Lunt is back with another cool album called Remember, We Were Waiting For The Snow (Cruel Nature Records).  *  Two million new electronic things will soon be available and you will want to obtain each and every one of them.  They do lots and lots of new things that are totally pointless.  Everyone will be buying them as soon as they hit the shelves.  *  Small things are illegal now and will no longer be seen or heard anywhere for the foreseeable future.  *  357,926 bands are releasing 573,984 new albums this year and they are all essential listening.  238,972 publicists will be working on these projects, helping to get the word out to anyone who might still be listening.  *  Most grocery items will no longer be available anywhere soon.  Best to stock up on everything before there is nothing left.  *  Depression is on the rise while also dropping drastically in all major and minor cities across the world.  Those who can no longer find any worthwhile reasons to live are finding great new reasons to live with automatic processes.  And it doesn't take scientists to understand why.  *  The new mechanical horse craze is in full swing and just about everyone is jamming quarters in as fast as they can to get a ride on one of the damn things.  *  Just received the new album from Eyelids entitled A Colossal Waste Of Light.  Released on the Jealous Butcher label, the album features some really nifty cover art and was produced by Peter Buck.  Also just received two more new albums from mega-prolific underground singer/songwriter Jeremy Morris.  The first is appropriately titled A Wonderful Surprise and the second is From Here To Eternity.  Morris always delivers music that is intelligent, profound and worthwhile.  Both albums are on the Jam Records label, of course.  *  Grace Potter has signed with the Austin, TX-based management firm Ten Atoms.  *  Received a whole buncha fun stuff from ultra-cool sound artist Chvad SBCrickets Were The Compass (on Silber Records), Ayla: Original Motion Picture Score, Gut: Original Motion Picture Score (on Facility Records), two various artists discs (From The Wires & Rotation: A Dark Ambient/Experimental Compilation)...plus fun stickers, buttons and toys.  When I opened his package I was immediately reminded of how much fun the 1990s were when everyone was sending out all those enlightening fun packs chock full o' creative stuff via the U.S. Postal Service.  Chvad SB is an intelligent underground recording artist who is doing everything right.  *  Kim Grant at KG Music Press always promotes good stuff.  Her latest project is Ben Bostick's album The Rascal Is Back.  *  Speaking of good stuff...  There's a new album out this year from Clarkston, Georgia-based band The Shuts Ups entitled The Shut Ups Are Girls Singing SongsGreat cover art on this one.  The album is full of cool creativity and audio surprises in a world that's in dire need of both.  *  Intelligent listeners will want to check out the upcoming album from Cookie Delicious (the latest solo project created by Joel Klaverkamp).  Entitled Fox In Golden Armour, the album will be released March 18, 2023.  "Seeing Further," the first single, has already been released.  This is one super cool track! 
*  British band The Bug Club has signed to the label We Are Busy Bodies.  The label is reissuing the band's first two albums on vinyl.  The titles are Green Dream in F# and Pure Particles.  Both are recommended listening.  *
PDFs of early babysue Magazines now online
Volume 3, Issue 3 (first cover below) was uploaded this month.
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 February 2023 Notable New Releases
Spitting Image - Full Sun (Slovenly Recordings).  The Stayawakes - Dogs and Cats/Living Together (Special Edition, Kool Kat Musik).  Robert Forster - The Candle and the Flame (Tapete Records).  Cruella D'ville - The Power and the Passion (FnA Records).  Marisa and the Moths - Damned If I Do EP.  Stormo - Endocannibalismo (Prosthetic Records).  Damon Fowler - Live at the Palladium.  Stratuz - Osculum Pacis.  Eyelids - Colossal Waste of Light (Jealous Butcher Records).  Stephen Lawrenson - Chants of a Lifetime (Kool Kat Musik).  Jim Casey & Hans Soeteman - Nonstruct.  Jenner - To Live Is To Suffer (Fighter Records).  Jonsjooel - Lullabies for Younger Self (Kieku Records).  The Inifinity Zoo - ForeverScape EPisode II EP.  Pacific Walker - Pacific Walker (Orphanology / Bluesanct).  Uncertain - The Descending Spirals of Time (Orphanology / Bluesanct).  J.T. IV - The Future (Drag City).  Panthervision - Now In 3-D (Kool Kat Musik).  Anchor & Burden - Kosmonautik Pilgrimage (MoonJune Records).  Bobo and the Rodeo Booboos - Now is the Then for All the Way Back Flops (Thinkrot Particulars Musique).  Mr. Crummy - Giving Lots of Damns About Lots of Damns (Lilly's Poncho Music Factory).  Let's Start Saying Rad Again This Year - Rad Is The New Red (Petula Click's New Disco-Champ Record Label).  Happy Is The New Miserable - Yack Yack Yack Around the Ranch Fountain (Four Five One Three Music).  Little Mouse Budget Hotel - Nose Music (Purple Yoyo).  The Foreign Films - Magic Shadows.  Russ Stedman - Voir Dire EP (bandcamp).  Vic Ruggario - Stuff In My Pockets (Org Music).  Pamplemousse - Think Of It (A Tant Rever Du Roi Records).  The Hackles - What A Beautiful Thing I Have Done (Jealous Butcher Records).  Stacey Gabel - Straight To Voicemail EP (Catch My Riff Records).  Voice of the Beehive - Let It Bee (deluxe reissue, London Records).  Kovacs - Child of Sin.  Ally Venable - Real Gone! (Ruf Records).  John Lennon & Yoko Ono - Sometime In Oklahoma City (Ambulance).  Frenzy - Of Hoods and Masks (Fighter Records).  Tony Holiday - Motel Mississippi (Forty Below Records).  Steve Stoeckel - The Power Of And (Big Stir Records).  Lauds - Imitation Life.  Fringe Benefit - Fringe Benefit (Kool Kat Musik).  Cookie Delicious - Fox In Golden Armour.  Dave Fuglewicz - Selected Works 1990-1997.  Jonsjooel - Noise I,II,III (Kieku Records).  Big Shoes - Fresh Tracks (Qualified Records).  Jay Migliori - Equinox (Omnivore Recordings).  Sam Green and the Time Machine - Higher Interest Rate.  Elliot Szabo - Brave.  Jann Klose - Surrender.  DJ Fitz - Cuts Vol. 1 (Kieku Records). Tchotchke - Tchotchke.  Hexer - Abyssal.  Sawyer Fredericks - The Golden Tree EP.  Jill Rogers and Crying Time - Many Worlds Theory.  The Who - The Who With Orchestra Live At Wembley.
[This section only includes full-length releases and EPs.]

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