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August 2023:
babysue comic strips, News, Views and Perspectives & Notable New Releases

August 2023: News, Views and Perspectives

* Folks who live in Texas are already aware of The Green Room which is located in the city of Tyler.  Everyone seems to love this cool music club.  At a point in time when great smaller music venues are sadly missing in so many cities across the U.S.A., The Green Room stands out as a shining example of what is possible if you have great taste and you do things right.  So many twenty-first century music fans support well-known boring commercial artists...what a shame.  This club gravitates toward the unusual, creative and obscure side of music...where there's always something exciting happening.  The club's roster reminds me of what I used to love about music clubs in the 1990s...when alternative really meant alternative!  *  It's always cause for a major celebration whenever Looney Tunes cartoons from the Golden Era are restored and released.  So therefore we should all be in major celebration mode over the latest blu-ray entitled Looney Tunes Collector's Choice Volume 1.  This one is a definite must have because it contains 20 classic shorts from the 1940s and 1950s that have never before been released on home video.  After putting out the excellent Golden and Platinum collections, there was (sadly) a break in the restoration process.  From what I'm hearing, some new folks have now stepped into the picture who are making restoring these wonderful old cartoons a priority once again.  Hats off to the folks working on these fantastic creations of humorous visual art.  There are few things in the world as fantstic as early Looney Tunes cartoons.  Let's all hope that Volumes 2, 3, 4 and more are already in the works.  YES!  *  There are so many things going on in 2023 that aren't interesting at all.  But you won't hear about them here, because they aren't worth any time or energy.  This section focuses on good things and ignores bad things.  Go away bad things.  Go far far away.  *  Speaking of good things, Global Cooling is the new hush hush hush.  While everything else is going on all around everywhere, there is a great cool down happening in terms of temperatures and temperaments.  Feel the cool refreshments.  Eat the cool refreshments.  Serve the tasty cool refreshments to a bartender in your wading pool.  *  Why hasn't a motion picture been made this year?  There have been many attempts, but so far no one has succeeded.  Maybe at some point there will be a new motion picture.  But don't bet on it.  Well, okay.  Go ahead and bet on it.  *  No books can be longer than twenty pages now.  And they must have negative clear pictures and no obvious words can be longer than seven letters.  Regular familiar images are not allowed in any books from this point forward.  *  Everybody is using forks now.  They make eating easier and far less messy.  You'd think an idea this simple would have been discovered decades ago.  Oh well, better late than never.  If you haven't gotten a fork yet, get your hands on one of these uniquely designed items.  Meals will never be the same.  *  There's a certain somebody who has done something that can't be mentioned here.  But if that certain somebody keeps doing that certain something then it's almost certain that other certain somebodies will be doing the same exact thing very soon.  You didn't hear it here, though.  You didn't really hear it anywhere.  *  Niagara Falls, Ontario-based recording artist Thunderclap has a new album out entitled Strange Songs For Strange Times.  A particularly timely title.  The folks doing PR for the album describe it as "...Freddie Mercury eatin' pancakes with Bjork, while Shel Silverstein pours the syrup."  So, as you might guess, this is not your usual predicable batch of songs (!).  To get the album off and running on good footing, the band has released a super cool animated video for the song "Be Resurrected Tonight."  Cool stuff...unusually refreshing and smart...!  *  This just in from the Cooler-Than-Cool Independent Releases Department.  The band No Part Of It has reissued a deluxe CD version of the album 333.  Originally released in 2010 on cassette and CD-R, the album now breathes new life in a super slick 6-panel digipak sleeve.  The packaging on this one is excellent.  Limited to only 333 copies, the resissued 333 is sure to sell out fast.  Get yours while you can.  *

August 2023 Notable New Releases
SLIP-ons - Heavy Machinery EP (Scamindy Records).  Cannibal Corpse - Chaos Horrific.  The Legendary Ten Seconds - Cornish and Devonian.  Herb Alpert - Wish Upon A Star.  Benny Bennack III - Third Time's the Charm (La Reserve Records / Bandstand Presents).  Odds - Crash the Time Machine (Auteur Research).  The Rooty Music People - Rooty Music For Rotten People (Third Fourth Fifth Tenth Music).  Louis Jucker and le Nouvel Ensemble Contemporain - Suitcase Suite (Humus Records).  Xingu Hill - Grigri Pavilion (Subexotic Records).  Ceili Rain - Crash This Gate.  Super Sensitive Types - Everything Is Offensive (Gidget Gadgets).  Which One Is Real And Which One Is Fake - This One Is Real And This One Is Fake (Fake and Reel 'Em In).  Popes of Chillitown - Take A Picture (Criminal Records).  Turn That Smile Upside Down - Frowners For Out-Of-Town Frowners (Bock Bock Tressy).  Akira Kosemura - Rudy (soundtrack) (Schole Records).  The Little But Big Tiny Ugly Beautiful Band - Dog Fifi (Yuckirific).  Upset About Everything - Calm and Happy (Upset Happy Music).  Spottiswoode - I Have So Many Friends.  Remember When Everything Was Horrible - Nab The Nouse (Napkin Noodles).  Things Naturally Get Worse - A Far Butter Thing (Yellow Slab Burners).  The Legends of Tomorrow - The Weather At World's End: 1997-2022 (Talking Elephant).  The Hawking Teds - Pretty Little Birdies In Heaven (Bum Bum de Lappo).  Lindsay Lou - Queen of Time (Rock Stars Nashville).  The Arcadian Wild - Welcome (Vere Music).  Werewolves - My Enemies Look and Sound Like Me (Prosthetic Records).  Little Insects Tiny Elephants - Rags and Raggy Tops (Rumple).  Aaron Skiles - Whistle Past the Grave (Dr. Sam G. Records).  Drekka - The Water of Life (Orb Tapes).  Farehaven - Falling Endlessly.  Lisa Reagan - What We Need Is Here (Stillpoint Records).  Perpetual Decline - 2023 in the U.S.A. (Musical Mustard Muses).  Obviously Obtuse - We Get What We Deserve Because We Brought It On Ourselves (Topsy Two Purpose).  Happy Belated Birthday - In Print EP (North Pole Records).  Eggs Over Eggs Over Lousy Gravy Loops - Wow Now the Bow Tie (Lawsy Lawsy).  Dan Kibler - Idiomatic (Kool Kat Musik).  The Who - Magic Butt (NCAIDR-37).  Aerosmith - Smocks (Carimbain).  Camptown Babies - Dah (Brince).  The Goods - The Goods EP (Dandy Boy Records).  Joe Boris - Anthology.  John Surge and The Haymakers - Almost Time (Blackbird Records).  Low Cut Connie - Art Dealers (Contender Records).  Filter - The Algorithm (Golden Robot Records).  Symbion Project & Tawnylawns - Blue In The Mouth EP.  Yachtley Crew - Seas The Day (Mailboat Records).  Adolescents - Caesar Salad Days (Frontier Records).  The One Eighties - Minefields.  Jill Andrews - Modern Age (Vulture Vulture / Tone Tree).  5ON5 - Sunshine.  Stephen Stills - Stephen Stills Live At Berkeley 1971 (Omnivore Recordings).  The Muffs - New Improved Kim Shattuck Demos (Omnivore Recordings).  Laura Nyro - Trees Of The Ages: Laura Nyro Live In Japan  (Omnivore Recordings).  Hank Williams - The Garden Spot Programs (Omnivore Recordings).  Game Theory - Dead Center (Omnivore Recordings)  Art Pepper - So In Love (Omnivore Recordings).  Mustang - Beyond Raging Thunder (Fighter Records).  Danny Marianino - Don't Ever Punch A Rock Star: A Collection of Hate Mail and Other Crazy Rumors (10th Anniversary reissue book, DiWulf Publishing House / Total Gavone Publishing).  The Make Three - You, Me & The Make Three (Mint 400 Records).  Fatal Blow - Rise of the Underdog (Mad Butcher Records).  Jerry Joseph - You're The Man Who Would Be King (Cosmo Sex School Records).  Cullen Wade and The Waters - Cullen Wade and The Waters.  Heather Marie Edmund - It's OK To Be Single (book).  Axis: Sova - Blinded By Oblivion (God ? Records).  We Do Not Belong Here - Strange To Cope In Today's World EP.  TEE-M - I Came I Saw Margarita EP.  Wreckless Eric - Leisureland (Tapete Records).  Cate Tomlinson - Blueberry Season EP.  The Oxys - Generation Irrelevant (Dead Beat Records).  Doctor Fish - The Last Troubadour (Renaissance Records).  Arkady Pikunov - Nowness (FancyMusic).  The Vanrays - Put It Out.  Brian D. Garrity - Pushed Beyond All Reasonable Limits: The Music Photography of Brian D. Garrity (book, DiWulf Publishing House).  Subzero - Frostbite EP (BigBadWolfRecords / Headbangers Records).  Last Charge of the Light Horse - Vestiges.  Flossy and the Cussy Puts - Havin' A Big Time With The Flossy (Group #763-E).  Nine Hundred Wrong People Can't Be Wrong - How Tressy Got Warped and Then There's Bobby Too (Ben's Little Music Turtle).  Catalog - For No-No (Under the Overlap).  Let's Draft the Draft Beer - Misty Powder Regarded (V-479-RX).  Luminatrix - Antihero.  Sofia Talvik - Center of the Universe (Makaki Music).
[This section only includes full-length releases and EPs.]

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