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August 2022:
babysue and Jesus comic strips and
News, Views and Perspectives

The babysue Cap.
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News, Views and Perspectives

The most important news item this month is obvious.  By now most have probably already viewed the first photos released from the mindblowing James Webb Telescope.  It was already incredible that they got this complex thing into orbit and had everything open according to plans (it was originally folded up in order to launch it).  Now that the mirrors are aligned and it is working, be prepared to have your senses overwhelmed.  The images this telescope is sending are the most important and relevant thing happening in 2022.  Truly beautiful images...so crisp and clear that you can hardly believe they are real.  Wow.

Dog Gone South

Is there any cartoon in the world as hilarious as Dog Gone South?  Probably not.  If you've never  viewed this particular Looney Tunes cartoon, do yourself a favor and watch it.  This is perhaps the funniest satire on life in the Old South that has ever been created.  The plantation owner continually yelling "Oh Belvedere!" is priceless.  The two competing dogs are too funny for words.  Big Belvedere's front half is so huge that his back legs don't even touch the ground when he's trotting around.  The main dog character's southern drawl will absolutely put you in stitches.  His line "And can I eat possum 'til I cain't eat NO MO?" always sends me into hysterics.  There are few things in life that are as wonderfully creative and brilliant as Dog Gone South.  It hits the nail right smack on the head.

The Word 'Pet'

I no longer refer to my cats as pets.  Considering their impact on my life and how important they are to me, it seems as if the word trivializes them.  Animals are just as important as people.  The fact that the word 'pet' is still used is baffling, particularly since almost everyone I know feels that their dogs and cats are part of their family.  I am not suggesting anything insane like everyone should say 'the P word' instead of 'pet' (such silly crap that is...).  I'm also not suggesting that everyone should stop saying pet.  For me it just doesn't feel right, so I use more kind and supportive words when referring to my ultra-cool furry four-legged friends.

August 2022 Notable New Releases

Steve McCormick - Louisa.  Randy Casey - 1 Dollar or 1 Dead Smith.  Dilettante - Dilettante.  Reborn - Reborn EP.  Capital Theatre - A Hero's Journey.  The Kut - Grit (Criminal Records).  Nate Paladino - Drown With Me.  Mark John Mcencroe - Symphonic Suite No. 3 (Navona).  The Cravens - Live From the Funky Biscuit.  Laura Benitez and the Heartache - California Centuries.  Jeffrey Halford and the Healers - Soul Crusade (Floating Records).  Shovelin Stone - Summer Honey.  Bob Marley - Exodus: Deluxe Edition (UMe).  Eliza Niemi - Staying Mellow Blows.  Damn Tall Buildings - Sleeping Dogs.  The Company Stores - The Family Album.  Ciao! - Scary Haha EP.  Royal Hunt - Dystopia Part 2.  Nolen Sellwood - Otherwise (New Folk Records).  The Sensational Country Blues Wonders! - The Adventures of a Psychedelic Cowboy.  Mark Duda - Bodego Flowers.  Richard Turgeon - Rough Around the Edges (Kool Kat Musik).  Rob Massard - Ascension.  Kill Shelter - Asylum (Metropolis Records).  Dave Stevens - Drawn To Perfection (documentary).  Mike Steinel - Running the Changes - The Definitive Guide to Jazz Improvisation (book).  Clay Fulton & The Lost Forty - Positive Numbers.  Nina Diaz - I Could Be You, You Could Be Me.  Salem Trials - Postcards From the Other Side of the Sun (Metal Postcard Records).  Bill Scorzari - The Crosswinds of Kansas.  John Szozda - Night Owl.  Kingdom of Mustang - Into the Beautiful Blue (Kool Kat Musik).  No 2 - First Love (Jealous Butcher Records).  L3o - A.nom.aly.  Smith/Kotzen - Better Days...and Nights (BMG).  Titi and the Tatus - Titi and the Tatus.  Janel Leppin - Ensemble Volcanic Ash (Cuneiform Records).  Jeremy Black - Part of Me EP (EVOL Records).  Dave Rudolf - Nostalgia (Money Tree Records).  Dave Rudolf - Sit Down, Take a Number (Money Tree Records).  Mark Knopfler - The Studio Albums 2009-2018 (UMe/EMI).  Dion Lunadon - Beyond Everything (In The Red Records).  Imagine Dragons - Night Visions: Expanded Edition (KIDinaKORNER/Interscope/UMe).  The Three Sum - Kingdom Fall EP (Dr. Music Records).  Ringo Starr - EP3 EP (UMe).  Herzog - A Hotel In Your Hometown (Exit Stencil Recordings).  Don Campau - Pen Pals 5: Flea Market Album (Lonely Whistle Music).
[This section only includes full-length releases and EPs.]

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