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June 2021 "Nuclear Trust" Music Video and Information

whatNOP dONW7.
"Nuclear Trust" (above) is a song from the upcoming album that will be released July 2021.

PR for the new album by Devious Planet.
Any questions regarding the new album can be directed to the cool people at Devious Planet.  They are super nice genuine individuals who don't play the game the way it is normally played.

Lyrics to all previous releases are now online.
Lyrics to all previous songs are now online.  Lyrics to the new album will be uploaded in July.

A slightly new look for the websites.
The websites look slightly different now.  I'm using different software so those annoying linked text underlines are disappearing.  I'm trying to avoid state-of-the-art website creation stuff because I want to keep my sites simple and uncluttered.  Plus I have found that all the extra bells and whistles tend to make life even more complicated than it already is.

The LMNOP logo has changed a bit.
I have been using the same logo for decades.  But now it has changed slightly.  I put babysue's head inside the O to help differentiate myself from the phonies.

Artist Pages on Spotify and Apple Music.
There is some stuff on my verified Spotify and Apple streaming pages that should not be there.  The way things currently work, keeping junk off of these pages is a real struggle.  But I'm slowly working on it so that things are not quite so frustrating.  If you study the artwork on the official releases it should be obvious what is real and what is not.  The best place to stream or download the entire Official LMNOP Discography is Bandcamp (link above).  All my releases are always available there without any trash getting in the way.

I dropped the 'we' and changed to 'me.'
For many years I used the words 'us' and 'we' instead of 'I' and 'me' because I wanted to avoid taking credit for everything that goes on around here.  But for whatever reason, that has changed now...and I'm trying to write and speak entirely in first person.  I'm not going to go back and edit all the old stuff though...so the us's and we's will just have to remain on the previous pages.

The Authorized History and Evolution of the Real LMNOP ... or a Tiny Cupcake Directive.
This is something I thought I would never do...but I finally did.  Read about how the band came to be and how things evolved over time.  I tried to make the piece more about what has happened in terms of events than about me personally.  But some of that damn personal stuff managed to dribble its way into the equation anyway because it seemed relevant to the overall story.  Damn personal stuff.

The Links Page.
The Links page has now been completely updated.

Hey...what's going on here?  Real information that isn't abstract and peculiar...?
This real stuff won't last long.  This is just another phase.  And like all phases, it will shift and evolve into something else soon.

 2021 LMNOP aka dONW7