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Barry Adamson*
All We Are Saying

American Dullard
Au Revoir Simone

Bashi Bazooka
Bird Flu
Boy Omega
Catch A Mouse
Chess Club

Les Claypool
Eddie Cohn
Comment Poem
Controlling The Famous
Cut Shorts

The Daggers
Dark Side of the Cop*
Thomas Dybdahl
Edison Woods
Forward Backward

Frog Eyes
Yoav Gal & Yael Kanarek
Greek Vacation Propaganda

Kris Gruen
Happy Mondays
Jigsaw Seen
Tresa Jordan
Greg Laswell

Ferraby Lionheart
The Little Killers
Breanna Lynn

Metallic Falcons
The Minders
Mindless Self Indulgence
Modern Machines
More Animals of the Arctic

Murder By Death


Pony Up
The Prids
Ralph Jones Band

The Rewinds

Linda Ronstadt & Ann Savoy
Roots Tonic / Bill Laswell
Mark Schwaber*
Darrell Scott*
Sonic Youth
Time Is Running

Andre Williams
Zero 7

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June 2006 Comment Poem:


Will do the jobs
That Americans
Won't do.

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Barry Adamson - Stranger on the Sofa (CD, Central Control International, Pop/soul)
Though many folks may not be familiar with his name, a lot of people are familiar with Barry Adamson's former bands Magazine and Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds. Interestingly, Adamson's solo recordings represent the real meat of his career. Stranger on the Sofa features smooth, modern, soulful pop that is reminiscent of other artists like David Bowie, The Divine Comedy, and The Wedding Present. Barry writes and records music that is instantly accessible...and yet it always retains artistic credibility. His songs feature slick, thick arrangements, danceable rhythms...and that smooth silky voice that his fans have come to know and love. Combining some of the best elements of 1970s soul music with 1980s pop and twenty-first century technology, Adamson is an extremely focused and articulate composer. Twelve groovy cool tracks including "Here in the Hole," "Who Killed Big Bird?," "My Friend the Fly," and "Free Love." Another great album from a man who commands attention...and deserves it. Recommended. (Rating: 5+++)



All we are saying
Is give pizza a chance.
All we are saying
Is give sedatives a chance.
All we are saying
Is give serial murderers a chance.
All we are saying
Is give rabid raccoons with obvious mental disorders a chance.
All we are saying
Is give bloody two-headed abortions dying on the doormat a chance.

(Rating: 1)



Who will be
The new

(Rating: 1)


Bashi Bazooka - Bashi Bazooka (CD, Electrokitty, Pop)
This Seattle-based band sent us a package that was most impressive. The package contained (a) a polite cover letter that didn't try to sell us on the band and (b) a very simply packaged CD that contained great songs. The package did not contain a single publicity photo of the band (!)...so massaging the ego is probably not the main motivation here. Bashi Bazooka is a cool, underground pop band driven by the songwriting talents of Don Durham. Don writes songs that are surpringly sincere and unpretentious. The tunes on this self-titled album feature wonderful, dreamy melodies and exceptional vocals...and the arrangements are kept simple in order to allow the listener to concentrate on the songs themselves. The sound quality is nice and inviting...sounding somewhat organic/analog in nature. Pop lovers who love pure pop are bound to go nuts over tracks like "Mindup," "Everything That's Falling," "J30," and "A Loose One." Nifty stuff. (Rating: 5+)


Which way did the
Bird flu?

It just flu

(Rating: 1)

Boy Omega - The Black Tango (CD, Riptide Recordings / Slight Record, Soft pop)
Boy Omega is Martin Gustafsson, a young Swedish fellow who writes and records substantially mature soft pop. The Black Tango, the second full-length release from Boy Omega, features a wealth of thought provoking material. In the space of twenty tracks, Gustafsson presents his own personal ideas and feelings in uniquely effective ways. Rather than being another underground noisemaker, Martin writes classy songs with wonderful melodies and real substance. His arrangements are sparse yet effective...and his vocals convey true and genuine emotion. Beautifully reflective tracks include "Blocks," "Fool Around," "I Name You Isolation," "Explode," and "Nobody's Fault." (Rating: 5+)

Au Revoir Simone - Verses of Comfort, Assurance and Salvation (Independently released CD, Soft pop)
The ladies in Au Revoir Simone write and record pop that sounds something like a modern version of Oh, OK if they were recording soft techno pop in the twenty-first century (the vocals are particularly reminiscent of Linda Hopper at times). The band consists of Heather D'Angelo, Erika Forster, and Annie Hart (original member Sung Bin Park left shortly after the recording of this CD). Verses of Comfort, Assurance and Salvation is a smooth, silky spin...featuring eight dreamy tracks with real substance. Our favorites include "Through the Backyards," "Hurricanes," and "The Winter Song." This band's material should appeal to fans of Azure Ray. (Rating: 5+)

Brandston - Hello, Control (CD, The Militia Group, Progressive pop)
We've been fans of Brandston for several years now. There was always something credible about the band's music that drew us to them...and made them stand out from the hoards of power pop bands roaming the planet. Now, with the release of Hello, Control, the band has clearly separated themselves from the pack...releasing what is perhaps their most unusual and unique album to date. The band consists of Myk Porter (vocals, guitar), Jared Lolley (vocals, drums), Adam Boose (bass, electronics), and Matt Traxler (guitar, vocals). Rather than dispensing formula-based tunes, these guys inject plenty of unexpected twists and turns with this album...all the while continuing to deliver highly melodic catchy pop. There's a lot to take in during the course of these thirteen tracks. A great deal of time was obviously spent in the creation of this album. This excellent collection of modern pop/rockers includes "A Thousand Years," "Here We Go," "Stop Machine," and "The Secret." Great stuff that lifts you UP. Recommended. (Rating: 5+++)


Patty had a
Problem with her
It couldn't catch a

(Rating: 1)

Chess Club - A Generation of Pleasure Seekers (CD, Young Ave. / Memphis, Pop)
The four fellows in Chess Club write and record smart hard pop tunes that are sometimes reminiscent of Oklahoma's 1990 rockers The Chainsaw Kittens. These fellows' music seems remarkably out of place in today's musical climate...and for that, they obviously deserve to be recognized. The guitar pop tracks on A Generation of Pleasure Seekers are clean and articulate. Musically, these fellows keep things simple...which allows the listener to focus on the exceptional vocal melodies and insightful lyrics. Instead of writing music for today's tasteless airheads...these gentlemen seem to view composition as an artistic release. The more we spin this album...the better it sounds. Cuts like "Devastortion," "Casual Conversation," "Hey!," and "Your Best Work" are both classy and cool. Well done. (Rating: 5)

Les Claypool - Of Whales and Woe (CD, Prawn Song, Progressive)
We've been fans of Les Claypool for a very long time. Unlike many mega-celebrities whose careers have been built upon questionable talent, Claypool immediately separated himself from the pack early on by proving time and time again that he is one of the most accomplished bass players of all time. Rather than burn out or compromise his integrity, Claypool has always managed to offer his fans something different. Of Whales and Woe is another engaging and eclectic album full of progressive tunes with complex energetic arrangements. There's a bit more funk this time around...as those immediately recognizable bass lines continue to carry the music. Les still sings in his signature yelpy obtuse style...which seems to fit quite comfortably in the world of modern progressive funk. Our favorites this time around include "Back Off Turkey," "Phantom Patriot," "Nothin' Ventured," and "Off-White Guilt." Smart modern stuff for thinking listeners. Recommended. (Rating: 5++)

Coachwhips - Double Death (CD + DVD, Narnack, Rock/pop)
Intense indulgence in harsh treble overload. Listening to the audio CD in this package, we were kinda wondering what was such a big deal about Coachwhips. The songs were intense and loud...but they just didn't make a really big impression on us. Then we popped the DVD into our computer and...BING! All the lights went off at once. Coachwhips was a short-lived band that had a devoted following, probably because of the group's crazed live performances. Coming off like a modern garage band cross between The Cramps and The Butthole Surfers, John Dwyer and his bandmates created a wild whirlwind of sound and energy. Audience participation was obviously a key element for Coachwhips. The DVD features footage from all stages of the group's career. And though the quality differs from tune to tune, it offers a wonderful overall perspective of what the band was all about. After watching the DVD we again stuck the CD into our player and...we found that we were immediately in love with this obtuse and bizarre little band's music. Apparently seeing is believing. Neat stuff. Really, really neat. (Rating: 5+)

Eddie Cohn - If I'm Happy It Ends (Independently released CD, Pop)
Judging from the first few seconds of this CD, we were almost ready to conclude that Eddie Cohn was just another anonymous underground popster. But when the chorus to "Away From Here" kicked in, we knew we were experiencing something truly credible and real. Although Cohn is using traditional instruments and arrangements in his compositions, he puts the pieces together in odd ways and with unique style. Melodies are the key ingredient in If I'm Happy It Ends. These tunes are instantly hummable and catchy. The lyrics are interesting as well and add extra depth to the music. Eddie Cohen is one of those artists that--with the right push--could become a hugely successful singer/songwriter. This man has substantial talent. Cool tracks include "Away From Here," "The Other Woman," "Wilderness," and "If I'm Happy It Ends." (Rating: 4++++)

Controlling The Famous - Automatic City (CD, The Militia Group, Progressive rock)
Complex heavy progressive music that could very easily fall into the math rock category. Automatic City is an impressive romp through the world of twenty-first century rock. The guys in Los Angeles-based Controlling The Famous create music that is almost totally artistic while still having the potential to appeal to a wide range of people. The cerebral guitar riffs are complex and interesting...and the rhythm section doesn't rely on conventional beats and time signatures. Considering how many risks this band is taking, it seems rather incredible that their music comes off as user-friendly as it does. This band plays hard rock for thinking listeners. Their tunes are harsh, jagged, skewed, and they are presented with articulate precision. Calculated hard rockers include "Detox," "Easy Life," "Two Sides," "Long Day," and "Devil's Suitcase." Unusual neat stuff. (Rating: 5+)

Cracker - Greenland (CD, Cooking Vinyl USA, Pop)
Unusually smooth and accessible. We have always admired Cracker's melodic pop music. Bandleader David Lowery has a real knack for penning tunes and he's got a great voice. To be fair, perhaps we were expecting too much from Greenland. Considering the staying power of some of the band's previous albums, we felt certain this would be right up there with 'em in terms of quality. While certainly not a bad album by any means, Greenland seems to lack some of the spunk and personality that made us admire this band. The tunes on this album are pleasant and easygoing...but perhaps just a little too much so. Fans of the band will probably have the same reaction we did. On the other hand, the public at large may very well go nuts over this album...who knows? We'll be eagerly awaiting the next release, hoping that the guys in Cracker come up with something a bit more unique and inventive the next time around... (Rating: 4)

Cut Shorts - A Collection of Short Films and Music Videos by David Markey from 1974-2004 (CD, Eclectic DVD / Music Video Distributors)
Cut Shorts is an intriguing overview of underground film maker David Markey's work. Markey is a true underground spirit, as is evidenced by these quickly made experimental shorts. Beginning with Markey's first film he made when he was only eleven (The Devil's Exorcist), it quickly becomes evident that this fellow knew what he was doing even at a very young age. As he progressed in his career, Markey obviously became very fond of mixing music from cutting edge bands with strange collages that reflected his and his friends' lives at the time. Sometimes the pieces seem like random edits...while at other times the various pieces form wonderfully surreal and hallucinogenic statements about life in America (masks are a recurring theme throughout these films). Markey used and/or worked with artists and bands like Devo, Algebra Suicide, Sonic Youth, Redd Kross and more. Some of the shorts on this disc are absolutely fantastic. Our favorites are Plasticland (wow...!), the bizarre clown imagery in Popcorn, and the herky jerky images in Burning Palms On Jennifer's Coffee Table. Some might dismiss Markey's films as being nothing more than sloppy home movies...but they would be missing the point entirely. No matter what you make of this, these films do have significant historical and artistic merit. It's a hit and miss affair here...but when you're messing with artistic mediums like Markey does, this is to be expected. Fascinating. (Rating: 5)

The Daggers - Tear It To Pieces (CD, Sloth, Rock)
Formed by ex-members of AFI, Huevos Rancheros, Forbidden Dimension, and The Art Bergmann Band in 1997, The Daggers play straight-shooting pop/rock that is instantly catchy and infectious. True, there are millions of bands playing loud overdriven pop/rock...but few of them are actually able to pull it off. By keeping their songs simple and avoiding unnecessary overdubs and busy arrangements, these guys manage to come up with tracks that hit hard...all the while retaining cool catchy melodies. Tear It To Pieces features twelve hard-driving rockers that are fueled by neat guitar riffs and throbbing rhythms. Top picks: "Run," "Faster Faster," "Up Against the Wall," "You're So Pretty." Good stuff. (Rating: 5)

Dark Side of the Cop - Dark Side of the Cop (CD, Auger Down, Pop)
Sounding something like a modern cross between Thunderclap Newman and Pink Floyd, the guys in the humorously-titled Dark Side of the Cop have come up with a winning collection of intelligent soft pop tunes. The band is driven by the songwriting talents of Marco Panella. the superb vocals provided by Tyler Gibbons, and some additional songwriting support from Joe Weisenthal. The songs on this album are highly stylized and melodic...and feature some great lyrical observations. Melodies are what this band is all about, however...and melodies are what make Dark Side of the Cop such a rewarding spin. The minimalistic arrangements are a perfect match for the band's smart vocal melodies. Heady and genuine, this album gets better with each and every spin. Killer pop cuts include "Stuck in the Darkness," "Paradise Lost and Found," "Love Me From Above," and "Flying Fists and Flashing Lights." Great stuff. (Rating: 5++)


In the sixties
Ugly hippies
Struggled for change.

In the seventies
Homosexual celebrities
Came out of their closets.

In the eighties
Women with babies
Declared their equality.

In the nineties
Men sniffed their hineys
And lined their pockets with money.

In the twenty-first century
It's all a big mystery
Because no one
Is doing anything

(Rating: 1)

Thomas Dybdahl - One Day You'll Dance For Me, New York City (French import CD, Recall, Soft pop)
Thoughtful and mature soft pop. Norway's Thomas Dybdahl has already received a good deal of attention overseas. Now, with the release of One Day You'll Dance For Me, New York City (his third album as well as his debut North American release), Dybdahl seems poised to transfer that success to the United States. This young man's soft and dreamy pop features immaculate arrangements and deep, subtle vocals. In addition to recording solo, Thomas is also the lead vocalist in the band The National Bank. This young man is turning heads and garnering attention on the sheer basis of his talent. In a world of throwaway pop artists, Dybdahl clearly stands out as a man whose music will be around for many years to come. Solid tracks include "If We Want It, It's Right," "It's Always Been You," "Babe," and "Piece." Classy stuff. (Rating: 5+)

Edison Woods - Nest of Machines (CD, Habit of Creation, Progressive pop)
Beautifully crafted, intricate progressive pop executed to perfection. To quote directly from the press release, "Edison Woods is an eight-piece mini-orchestra and international art ensemble...[whose] concerts and performances are often multi-disciplinary, mixing live music with performance art and vice versa." We couldn't sum it up better ourselves. We haven't seen the group in performance, but we have been very impressed with their audio releases thus far. Nest of Machines is a moody, subtle, slightly eerie spin. If you've ever experienced that odd sensation of being in a very large house all alone when it is getting dark, you might have some idea of what this band sounds like. These folks create music using drums, violin, bass, cello, guitar, piano, and baritone sax...all of which are used to cradle the provocative vocal talents of Ms. Julia Frodahl. The band sounds something like an updated sparse take on 1970s British progressive pop/rock icons Curved Air. Dreamy, surreal, and ethereal, the tunes on this album are certain to simultaneously confuse and entertain. Neat stuff that doesn't sound like anything else out there at present. This disc features what is, perhaps, the most incredible cover art we have seen this year (created by Oleg "cmart" Paschenko)...really neat, spooky artwork. (Rating: 5+)

Eleventyseven - And the Land of Fake Believe (CD, Flicker, Power punk/pop)
Hummable bubblegummy power punk/pop played with enthusiasm and style. The fellows in the humorously titled Eleventyseven aren't trying to make any grand statements or break any new ground here. Instead, these fellows seem content to simply rock out like holy hell and have a good time. The eleven feelgood tracks on And the Land of Fake Believe are short on complex arrangements and overdubs but extremely heavy on catchy melodies, nifty guitar riffs, and instantly danceable hyperactive rhythms. Based in Greenville, South Carolina, Matt Langston (vocals, guitar), Caleb Satterfield (bass), and Jonathan Stephens (drums) play with infectious conviction. There are so many bands playing this style of music...but relatively few with the focused intensity of Eleventyseven. Hyperactive catchy cuts include "More Than a Revolution," "Nostalgiatopia," "Teenage Heartbreak," and "Reach That Far." Great stuff. (Rating: 5+)

Fernando - Enter To Exit (CD, In Music We Trust, Pop)
Fernando Viciconte and his fellow bandmates record beautifully melodic upbeat pop that comes straight from the heart. Some of the guitar-based tunes on Enter To Exit seem influenced by The Beatles...but overall the songs just come across sounding like good modern pop. Viciconte is joined on this album by Jeff "Chet" Lyster and Derek Brown (both of whom are also in The Eels), Paul Brainard, Qwee, and Lewi Longmire. Melodies are what make Fernando's music so appealing and inviting. Instead of churning out throwaway pop, this man writes and records songs that have real substance and unique flavor. The more we hear Enter To Exit...the more impressed we are. Twelve smooth tracks here, including "Howard Hughes," "Another Day In My Head" (our favorite), "From Now On," and "My Magnetic Field." A cool flow of thoughtful energy. (Rating: 5)


People used to be
Forward thinkers.
Now people are
Backward wishers.

(Rating: 1)

Frog Eyes - The Bloody Hand (CD, Absolutely Kosher, Underground pop), The Golden River (CD, Absolutely Kosher, Underground pop)
Reissues of the first two albums from Frog Eyes. These two albums had apparently become rather obscure and difficult to get your hands on. In advance of the next Frog Eyes album (Tears of the Valedictorian, due in 2007), the folks at Absolutely Kosher opted to reissue these discs...complete with plenty of bonus tracks. Together with the band's last album (The Folded Palm), the first three Frog Eyes albums form a trilogy of sorts. The band's tunes are melodic and slightly obtuse...sounding something like a modern underground noisy version of David Bowie. Our guess is that this band is a totally artistic endeavor. Little or no attention seems to have been spent trying to come up with a hit or a catchy tune. As a result, the band's peculiar, odd pop ditties will likely only appeal to that tiny segment of the population that actually wants something different. The voice is what makes us keep coming back to these discs. Warbly and unpredictable, this band's vocals and lyrics are truly credible, inventive, and unusual. (Rating: 5+)

Yoav Gal & Yael Kanarek - Bit By Bit, Cell By Cell (CD, Innova Recordings, Experimental)
This is a very unique collection of recordings that is difficult to describe or compare with other albums. The concept is a collaboration between Yoav Gal, Sarah Rivkin, Yael Kanarek, and Evann Siebens. There's a story here...but you may have to dig to discover it. These peculiar, abstract recordings display an affinity for obtuse ideas and sounds. Strange haunting vocals...outdated analog computer sounds...mutations of traditional songs...all combine together to create one truly unpredictable CD. This could only be recommended for fans of Frank Zappa's more bizarre stuff (think 200 Motels)...or for listeners who are into some of the more abstract modern classical artists. Really, really, really odd...yet absorbing and effective... (Rating: 5)


All we are saying
Is give Greece
A chance.

(Rating: 1)

Kris Gruen - Lullaby School (CD, Mother West, Folk/soft pop)
Much will undoubtedly be made of the fact that Kris Gruen is the son of famed photographer Bob Gruen...hopefully not to the point that it will detract from his own career. Early on, Kris opted to pick up a guitar instead of a camera. His songs are soft organic pop compositions with threads of Americana running through them...although on occasion we can hear traces of early Donovan in some of these tracks. The soft, soothing, gentle tunes on Lullaby School lay a solid foundation for what is sure to be a lengthy musical career. Solid cuts include "Tender Theory," "In the Clearing," "Further Down," and "Prayer Walk." (Rating: 4+++)

Halifax - The Inevitability of a Strange World (CD, Drive-Thru, Pop/rock)
Hard loud modern pop. This band's debut full-length release, The Inevitability of a Strange World is punchy, smart, and powerful. Since releasing the 2004 EP A Writer's Reference, the guys in Halifax have racked up a large number of fans through internet downloads and widespread touring. The band consists of Mike Hunau (vocals), Chris Brandt (guitars, vocals), Adam Charles (guitar), Tommy Guindon (drums), and Doug Peyton (bass). These fellows are playing for a very young audience (most likely high school and college students)...kids who want their modern pop played with positive aggression. While the band's tunes are melodic and catchy, they are delivered with a big masculine punch and plenty of youthful energy. Some of the band's tunes recall Bracket at times. Nifty cuts include "Nightmare," "Such a Terrible Trend," "Promise Me Tragedy," and "Murder I Wrote." (Rating: 5)

Happy Mondays - Live in Barcelona (CD, Music Video Distributors)
This professionally prepared DVD is a total concert experience. The main segment begins with shots featuring chats with some of the fans outside the venue before following the band members as they make their way into the concert hall. The folks in Happy Mondays take the stage and immediately begin to drive the audience into a feverish dance frenzy. Filmed live in Barcelona, Spain, this was obviously an "on" night for the band as well as the fans. There's an overall cool vibe going on and this transfers well onto this disc. The band plays eleven peppy tunes underneath colorful rays of light. The players in this band are incredibly tight...creating hypnotic grooves that are hard to resist. The weakest link in this band, however, seems to be...the lead vocalist (!). The man tends to slur his voice, never seeming to care whether he is on key or not. This may be hip and cool to some folks....but when you listen to the rest of the band, in our opinion this man's vocals just don't hold up. As such, this may be of interest only to folks who are already fans of Happy Mondays...? (Rating: 4)


Your nose
Has holes.
Your ears
Have holes.
Your ass and urethra
Have holes.
And your mouth
Is just a

(Rating: 1)

Husbands - There's Nothing I'd Like More Than To See You Dead (CD, Swami, Rock)
Loose, loud, sloppy rock from San Francisco's Husbands. These three girls are real rock and rollers...none of that cutesy girlie pop stuff here. There's Nothing I'd Like More Than To See You Dead features seventeen seductive, stripped down rock tunes. It's always refreshing to hear music from folks who have just gotten into it. This, the girls' second full-length album, spotlights the spontaneity and excitement of three young chickies who are obviously quite excited about what they are doing. If you're into bands on the Kill Rock Stars label, there's a good chance you will really dig this album. Neato tracks include "Tell Me Your Love Is Only Mine," "Get Even," "Make It Right," and "You Know What Sadie?" (Rating: 4+++++)

Jigsaw Seen - My Name Is Tom (CD, Vibro-Phonic, Pop)
Reissue of the Jigsaw Seen's 1991 EP with five additional tracks added (four of which were previously unreleased). On these tracks this band played slightly jangley melodic pop with subtle hints of psychedelia. Rather than writing formulaic pop, these folks created strangely epic compositions that didn't really sound like any other band that was recording at the time. The centerpiece of this disc is the lengthy title track (over seven minutes long), which displays some wonderfully inventive playing. In addition to the cool tunes, this disc features a really great CD cover with a die-cut cover of an eyeball looking through a keyhole (the CD fits over the pupil of the eyeball). Neat stuff, packaged to perfection... (Rating: 5)

Tresa Jordan - Tresa Jordan (CD, South River Road, Country/pop)
A newcomer to the world of country music, young Tresa Jordan seems headed on a clear path to success. This talented young lady is already impressing music fans through the Internet on the sheer entertainment value that is inherent in her tunes. The songs on Ms. Jordan's debut album are already strong...but they are made even stronger by the fact that the entire album was recorded using only acoustic instruments. As a result, these tracks come across sounding impressively warm and genuine. While Tresa's visual image may be similar to thousands of other superstar wannabes...the honesty and integrity in her music make her stand out from the pack. This is a thoroughly satisfying album chock full of feelgood country pop tunes that are memorable and effective. Top picks: "Country High," "Underneath the Wheels," "I Turn to Country," "Beyond the Blue." (Rating: 5+++)

Greg Laswell - Through Toledo (CD, Vanguard, Progressive pop)
The folks at Vanguard sure do a great job of unearthing new talent. Once again they have a winner on their hands with Greg Laswell. When Laswell's wife suddenly left him, he turned to music for salvation...recording Through Toledo as a way of working through the situation. Produced, recorded, and performed entirely by Laswell, this is an album that doesn't sound like a solo project. Focused, reflective, and personal...these songs are genuinely melodic and effective. Though the vocals are markedly different, some of Greg's tunes are slightly reminiscent of J Mascis in terms of composition and melody. Laswell's eleven track debut for Vanguard is a smooth mature effort. Top picks: "Sing, Theresa Says," "Worthwhile," "Same As You," "Your Melody." (Rating: 5)

Leanna - Faith in Myself (CD, Swedish Diva, Pop)
The cover of this CD is a real turn off. Not that we're against beautiful naked women or anything like that, but any artist who opts to present themselves as a sexual object early in their career tends to come across exactly like thousands of others. You can't always judge a book by its cover, however. Surprisingly, Sweden's Leanna is actually a credible singer/artist. Her music sounds something like a cross between Madonna and The Bee Gees. The tunes are super slick and produced to perfection...but the songs themselves are actually rather entertaining and nifty. Sure, this may not be the best cream cheese flavor of the month...but Faith in Myself is a good spin and will appeal to a large audience. Top picks: "Faith," "Natural Born Lover," "Dreams Of You." (Rating: 4+++)

Ferraby Lionheart - EP (CD EP, Lights and Buttons, Pop)
Something like a cross between Ray Davies, Faris Nourallah, and Eric Carmen. Originally from Nashville, Tennessee, Ferraby Lionheart moved to Los Angeles to pursue a career in music. He has had some local success with his band Telecast...but has also now begun recording solo. Lionheart's tunes are classy and classic...and sound almost nothing like the average generic underground artist. Ferraby is a master of composition, coming up with melodies and lyrics that could easily sell millions...if they were marketed correctly. "The Fighter" (our favorite track) hits some real emotional chords. Smart, sincere, and highly melodic...this EP is an excellent obscure delight... (Rating: 5)

The Little Killers - A Real Good One (CD, Gern Blandsten, Rock/pop)
Genuine, authentic, minimalistic rock and roll played with energetic balls. The Little Killers are Andy Maltz (guitar, vocals), Sara Nelson (bass), and Kari Boden (drums)...three musicians who are in total control of their sound and instruments. One's first impression might be that this band's music sounds like a million others that have come before them. But when you focus on what is really going on here...you find a certain ideology and spirit inherent in the songs that is sadly missing in most modern underground rock bands. This is 100% pure rock with no filler or frills. Can't put it any more clearly than that. Hellraising tracks like "She Don't Love Me," "You Better Be Right," "I'm In Love With You," and "Some of These Days" make it clear that The Little Killers are one of the most essential New York bands of the twenty-first century. (Rating: 5+)

Breanna Lynn - Siren (CD, Black Onyx, Pop)
Young Breanna Lynn is off to a strong start. Working with heavyweight Gardner Cole (who has written songs for Madonna, Tina Turner, Peter Murphy and others) on Siren, Ms. Lynn presents surprisingly mature and accessible pop music that could very easily appeal to the masses. What is perhaps most interesting about this album is the manner in which it was recorded. Cole had Breanna sing her songs in the studio a capella ...and then had musicians create the arrangements around the vocals. An interesting concept...and it works surprisingly well. Siren is smooth and polished...and should appeal to a broad range of listeners. Top picks: "Seams," "Damsel In Distress," "Live the Moment," "Compromise." (Rating: 4++++)

Map - San Francisco in the 90's (CD EP, Velvet Blue Music, Pop)
Map is one of those great obscure little bands that--for one reason or another--has not yet caught on with a large number of people. Sad, because the band's tunes are extremely refined and thoroughly intoxicating. This band has close ties with babysue favorite Starflyer 59 (they have toured with the band, plus Jason Martin produced this EP). Map consists of Josh Dooley (guitar, vocals), Trevor Monks (drums), and Paul Akers (keyboards). In a perfect world, these three young men would already be huge celebrities. Things being as they are...they are, at present, only appreciated by a relatively small...but very passionate...number of underground pop fans. Six killer tracks here, including "Breakfast at Ikea," "Au Bord de la Mer," and "Rachel Dreams." Highly recommended. (Rating: 5+++)

Metallic Falcons - Desert Doughnuts (CD, Voodoo-Eros, Progressive)
You've just gotta love this band's Residents-inspired falcon costumes...a far cry from the irritating coy and cute clothing and haircuts that make many bands so ultimately trite and annoying. Not surprisingly, the tunes on Desert Doughnuts are strange and unconventional. Who does the band sound like...? We honestly can't say. These progressive, haunting recordings reflect creativity and unique visions of music. Almost completely lacking in commercial appeal, these folks have apparently undertaken this project for the pure and simple reason that they needed to unleash ideas and emotions. The core of the band is the duo of Sierra Casady and Matteah Baim. There won't be any hit tunes from Desert Doughnuts...and the band isn't likely to appear on Ellen anytime soon. Although strangely fulfilling and appealing in many ways, we can only recommend this band to folks with a truly adventurous spirit. Most peculiar indeed...odd and different. (Rating: 5)

The Minders - It's a Bright Guilty World (Advance CD, Future Farmer Recordings, Pop)
It's been about ten years since Martyn Leaper and Robert Schneider got together to record and release the first Minders single. It's a Bright Guilty World is a collection of purely classic modern pop. The album features fourteen guitar-based pop tracks with gliding melodies and a nice organic sound. The tunes recall radio pop from the 1960s and 1970s without ever sounding like a pompous imitation...very much in the same vein as babysue favorite Outrageous Cherry. Positive upbeat tracks include "There Goes My Formula!", "Crest of the Hill" (our favorite), "Jenny," "Remember, Remember," and "Guns of August." Excellent feelgood pop for folks who like great songs. (Rating: 5)

Mindless Self Indulgence - You'll Rebel To Anything (CD, Metropolis, Rock/pop)
Playing hard rock that sounds something like a cross between 1970s punk and 1990s industrial rock, the folks in Mindless Self Indulgence are wonderfully out of synch with current trends in modern music. The band sounds something like a cross between The Sex Pistols and Nine Inch Nails. The humorously titled You'll Rebel To Anything features ten wonderfully harsh techno rockers that really snarl and bite. Some may find this band's image and sound to be overly calculated...but in the end it's songs that matter...and songs are what this album such a fun spin. Though filled with plenty of techno-punch, these fast rockers are actually rather simple songs...but they are delivered with such genuine excitement and frantic zip that it is hard not to get in the groove. If the first track ("Shut Me Up") is not a huge hit worldwide...there is definitely something terribly wrong in the world of music. Fun, exciting, and nifty from start to finish. (Rating: 5+)

Modern Machines - Take It, Somebody! (CD, Dirtnap, Rock)
Smart punchy loud pop/rock that may be influenced by The Jam. Playing loud hyperactive punky guitar pop can be like treading in very shallow water. With so many bands taking such an approach with their music, it is very easy to get lost in the murky waters. The guys in Modern Machines don't stand a chance of getting lost in the shuffle. Despite the volume and intensity of their music, they manage to write intelligent, inventive, focused tunes that really stick in the mind. They purposely leave their songs rough and raw...never burying them in overdubs or adding too much polish. Take It, Somebody! is a solid example of what good, gritty garage rock in the twenty-first century ought to sound like. Neat rockers include "Get In Right," "Pay Off the Hangman," "Cheap Shots," and "Treadmill Waltz." Well done. (Rating: 5)

More Animals of the Arctic - An Appendix of Whaling Terms (CD, Standard Recording Company, Progressive)
The first thing that we noticed about the press release that accompanied this CD was the fact that the case was "printed entirely on an 1897 C&P letterpress." How cool is that...? More Animals of the Arctic is a project created by Michael Tapscott. A purely artistic endeavor, An Appendix of Whaling Terms is a strangely calming album featuring ten obtuse progressive tracks. Peculiar, subtle, and dreamy, these compositions were not created out of a desire to make money. Instead, Tapscott is obviously tapping into his own personal ideas and feelings...and interpreting them though music for his listeners. The arrangements are sparse and distant, as are the vocals. These puzzling tracks are smooth yet perplexing...and ultimately satisfying. Creativity abounds on cuts like "Midnight in the Arctic Circle," "Of Vanderhoek," and "Peacock Dream." (Rating: 5+)

Murder By Death - In Bocca Al Lupo (CD, East West, Progressive pop/rock)
Swashbuckling pirate-inspired bar pop. Our first impression of this band was that their tunes remind us a great deal of Stan Ridgeway...but after a few more spins, we realized that the similarities are only superficial. The folks in Murder By Death write amazingly mature and real songs that sound as if they were written in another decade. The band's tunes feature smart lyrics, intricate arrangements, and melodies that are truly inspired. Another plus for these folks is their approach. Instead of smearing their faces all over the CD cover, they opted instead to offer excellent artwork...even including a lyric sheet with words in a font large enough that you can actually read them (!). There are few unknown bands with a sound and image this strong. In Bocca Al Lupo features twelve tracks including "Boy Decide," "Brother," "Raw Deal," and "The Devil Drives." Well done. (Rating: 5+)


Music makes people
Smug and

(Rating: 1)

Nektar - Pure: Live in Germany 2005 (Double DVD, SPV USA)
The guys in Britain's Nektar had a reasonable amount of success in the United States and Germany in the 1970s...before eventually disappearing into oblivion. The band's classical and jazz influences and complex arrangements put them in the same league as similar bands like Camel, Yes, and Uriah Heep. Now, many years later, there probably aren't that many people familiar with this band's music. After all, they never had a really big hit in the true sense of the word. Funny how random events have a way of changing things. In 1999, guitarist Roye Albrighton had a serious illness which almost cost him his life. After surviving a liver transplant, Albrighton made the decision to live his life to the fullest..and thus reformed the progressive dinosaur that is called Nektar. If you've been let down by many of the second-rate DVD concert experiences on the market, you can rest assured that DVDs from the folks at SPV USA are top-notch in every respect. Pure is a resounding success on many levels. Even though they're old fellows now, these guys still play with impressive conviction. Because of the technological limitations of the 1970s, this will probably persevere as the best quality concert recording of this band. Here's hoping that some bright company will issue a box set compiling all of the Nektar albums into one easily obtainable package...! (Rating: 5+)


In the future
Everyone will be
For fifteen minutes.

(Rating: 1)

Pony Up - Make Love to the Judges With Your Eyes (CD, Dim Mak, Progressive pop)
Unusual progressive pop from Canada. The four ladies in Pony Up create slightly odd pop music that is similar in scope to some of the band's on Canada's Mint label. Make Love to the Judges With Your Eyes is an intriguing and often unpredictable voyage into the world of twenty-first century art pop. Although the band's tunes are smooth and easy on the ears, there are few catchy choruses and familiar chord progressions. These ladies are treading the fine line that divides art from commercial pop...the music can easily be understood and appreciated, but it is a far cry from big selling pretentious modern girlie slop pop. In addition to cool melodies, these ladies also have great vocals and intelligent lyrics. Peculiar pleasures include "Dance For Me," "What's Free is Yours," and "Make, Model, #." (Rating: 5)

The Prids - ...Until the World is Beautiful (CD, Five03, Vibration pop/rock)
Cool dark underground pop. The Prids are led by the ex-husband and wife team of David Frederickson and Mistina Keith (the two still share a home even though they untied the knot). The band's bass lines are reminiscent of Joy Division...but the overall vibe is much more friendly and hypnotic. The tunes on ...Until the World is Beautiful might best be described as vibration pop. Instead of tossing off cutesy melodies and/or blowing away listeners with volume, Frederickson and Keith seem content to create grooves and vibes with their music...just allowing things to happen. The accidental elements in the music make it most appealing. That plus the exceptional vocals that are always subdued and low in the mix. The band is rounded out by Eric Hold (keyboards) and Joey Mass (drums). These people are doing everything right...making music out of a pure love of doing so. This is obvious from the tunes on this album. Killer tracks include "The Glow," "Like Hearts," "Forever Again," and "Infection." Genuinely entertaining. (Rating: 5+)

Ralph Jones Band - Just For The Scenery (CD, State Bird, Progressive pop)
Uniquely refreshing. Named after band member Nathan Newberry's dog that disappeared one night, Ralph Jones Band is a truly obscure delight. Instead of samey, formulaic pop...Just For The Scenery features cool inventive songs that feature a different sound and unusual style of songwriting. Although the overall sound is very different, this band's approach reminds us of both Lilys and Television for the plain and simple fact that they are charting their own direction with their music. While this certainly means artistic success for this band so early in their career, it might also create some problems because the music is quite obtuse and unfamiliar (two things that don't go over well with the general public). But what matters are the songs...and Scenery contains some wonderfully heady songs that are bound to impress fans of the real underground. Jason Hibbitts and Joe Burns round out this cool and inventive little band. Well done. (Rating: 5++)

The Rewinds - The Rewinds (CD, Livewire Recordings, Pop)
Really good guitar pop with excellent vocals and killer guitars. The Rewinds are Michael Shackleford, Glenn Drennen, Brooks Marks, and Chris Markham...four southern gentlemen who write and record pop in the same general vein as bands like Gigolo Aunts and Sloan. There are no wild bursts of chaotic noise here...no unbearable technological gimmicks...and no stupid clothes. These guys are apparently straight shooters...making music the center of their universe. This, the band's self-titled debut album, is likely to turn lots of heads mainly because of the songs. This album contains a wealth of exceptional pop tunes. There are millions of guitar bands in the world...but few with songs this good. Super catchy tracks include "New Shade of Red," "Everytime" (our favorite), "Turns Out That Way," and "Calling Your Name." (Rating: 5+)

Linda Ronstadt & Ann Savoy - Adieu False Heart (CD, Vanguard, Soft pop)
Unlike many celebrities from the past...and rather than being a casualty from being a 1970s icon...Linda Ronstadt has managed to keep her integrity intact and her career alive. And she has done this simply by maintaining her integrity and credibility. Rather than churning out the kind of safe cheap music that the public prefers to hear, Ronstadt still seems driven by the desire to make good music. This is the second collaboration between Linda and Ann Savoy (the first was titled Evangeline Made). Ann and Linda's voices seem perfectly suited for one another...blending together so seamlessly that you could almost swear the two are sisters. The pair cover tunes by The Left Banke, Julie Miller, Richard Thompson, John Jacob Niles, Arthur Smith, Bill Monroe and more. Adieu False Heart is a beautifully sincere album that comes straight from the yearning souls of these two enchanting vocalists. Recommended. (Rating: 5+++)

Roots Tonic Meets Bill Laswell - Roots Tonic Meets Bill Laswell (CD, ROIR, Dub/reggae/instrumental/electronic)
A collaboration featuring Roots Tonic (reggae superstar Matisyahu's backup band) and Bill Laswell. These folks have worked together in the past (Laswell produced Matisyahu's Youth album)...so it's no surprise that they teamed up for this album. Roots Tonic Meets Bill Laswell blends just the right amount of reggae with Laswell's intricate knowledge of dub. The sound is big and thick here...with the bass being the predominant instrument. The trippy experimental sounds that float in and out of the mix make these tunes strangely friendly and appealing. These folks seem to be a perfect match for one another, as is evidenced by cerebral tracks like "Road to Axum," "Akademikus Du Umbeigu," "Employees Must Wash Your Hands," and "Clean Escape (The Crew Is Here)." Nifty stuff, highly stylized, executed to perfection. Recommended. (Rating: 5++)


All schools breed
Intolerance and

(Rating: 1)

Mark Schwaber - The Killing Card (CD, Pigeon, Progressive pop)
This is an intriguing album that immediately caught our attention. Mark Schwaber creates uniquely entertaining music from a different perspective. His tunes combine highly melodic thoughtful vocal melodies with abstract musical passages...and the end result is extraordinarily effective. Instead of predictable tunes and cute arrangements, Schwaber writes and records mature, intellectual tunes that are sometimes reminiscent of Sufjan Stevens. There is a wealth of material to take in here. The Killing Card presents sixteen thought provoking compositions that flow by seamlessly...combining classic elements with unpredictable spontaneity. This man is bound to be a major player in the years to come. Cool reflective tracks include "The Pressure It Feeds," "Torture Ground," "Island of the Burning Trees," and "You Are Just Like Me. You Will Never Be Free." Recommended. (Rating: 5++)

Darrell Scott - The Invisible Man (CD, Full Light, Pop/country/bluegrass)
Darrell Scott is one of the best songwriters on earth...and the appropriately-titled The Invisible Man just may be his best album to date. This album's title is probably the result of Scott's career thus far. He's had a great deal of success...but at least up to this point, that success has been the result of other people covering his tunes (his songs have been recorded by big names like The Dixie Chicks, Guy Clark, and Faith Hill among others). In our opinion, there's nobody better to sing and play Darrell's material than the man himself...and The Invisible Man is pure proof of this fact. Lots of folks are playing Americana pop/country these days...but few are doing so with as much gusto and style as this man. He's a real natural all the way through, and you cannot help but be drawn into his world. This incredibly catchy twelve track album features plenty of hummable, accessible feelgood tunes that are bound to put listeners in a great frame of mind. Killer tracks include "Hank Williams' Ghost," "I'm Nobody," "Do It or Die Trying," and "In My Final Hour." One of the most sincere and genuinely gifted singer/songwriters of our time...Darrell Scott is a man whose time has come. Highly recommended. (Rating: 6)

SSM - SSM (CD, Alive, Progressive pop/rock)
The name of this band comes from the last names of band members John Szymanski, Dave Shettler, and Marty Morris (former members of The Hentchmen, The Sights, and The Cyril Lords). This, the band's self-titled debut, is an album filled with creative energy. Never content to play one style of music or fit into predictable categories, these fellows provide great melodic rock music with a difference. These thirteen songs combine elements from techno, jazz, funk, progressive pop, and garage rock into a great big creamy stew. Szymanski, Shettler, and Morris play with confidence and enthusiasm...and their songs immediately stick. Fun, upbeat, and melodic...this album is sure to be a big hit among fans of the real underground. Cool cover art featuring three nude women with parakeet heads (!?!). Top picks: "Exit Strategy," "Ain't Love," "Viking's Daughter," "Dinosaur," "The Seer." (Rating: 5+)

Sonic Youth - Rather Ripped (CD, Geffen, Pop)
The folks in Sonic Youth are bound to confuse most folks with Rather Ripped. Rather than being an exercise in noisy futility, the album features medium-tempo pop tracks with clean melodies. Some of the obtuse guitars from the band's former life creep in occasionally...but for the most part, this is a subdued collection of hummable tunes that often recall the music of The Feelies. Moody and unusually user-friendly, these songs will most likely alienate the band's longtime fans...while possibly causing a whole new wave of listeners to pick up the band's earlier releases...which will then, most likely, be immediately discarded because they are too harsh for the new fans. Oh well...you can't please all the people all the time...and the folks in Sonic Youth probably learned this long, long ago. Nowadays they're not trying to push boundaries or baffle folks...they probably just want to have fun. From the sounds we hear on Rather Ripped, it sounds like they probably had a great time creating this album. (Rating: 5)


Take care of business quickly because
Time is running.
Drive just as fast as you can because
Time is running.
Do everything as fast as you possibly can
Because time is running out.

(Rating: 1)

Andre Williams - Aphrodisiac (CD, Pravda, Funk/pop)
Sounding something like a cross between Joe Cocker and Leonard Cohen, Mr. Andre Williams is a true performer. On Aphrodisiac, Williams is backed by the extraordinary talents of The Diplomats of Solid Sound...who provide a great funky backbeat for these tunes. Andre has a cool deep voice that is sometimes reminiscent of Captain Beefheart...while at other times we can hear similarities to Martin Mull. These soulful, funky pop tunes are a refreshing change of pace in a world where every other artist is a pop star wannabe or a talentless crap-hop singer. Delivered with acute integrity and style, Aphrodisiac is a pure feelgood experience that just feels better with each and every spin. Top picks: "Hold Up," "Do You Remember?", "I Don't Need Mary (Juana)," "I Can See." (Rating: 5+)

Zero 7 - The Garden (Advance CD-R, Atlantic, Progressive pop)
Nifty progressive pop from Britain's Zero 7. The Garden is a confusing album in some ways, mainly due to not one but two outside contributing vocalists (Jose Gonzalez and Sia Furler). Band members Sam Hardaker and Henry Binns write upbeat, slightly commercial sounding tunes that will probably be most appreciated by folks in hip underground circles. The tunes on The Garden sound foreign and out-of-place in today's musical market...and that just may be the main aspect of the music that makes it appealing. Rather than sounding like another generic overdose of digital effects, the album has a nice, smooth organic sound...with plenty of traditional and analog instruments adding a friendly thickness. Our favorite tracks are the instrumentals and those that feature Gonzalez on vocals. The cuts with Furler's vocals work most of the time...but occasionally seem a bit too slick and calculated (a minor slipping point). Classy tunes include "Futures," "Seeing Things," "Left Behind," "Your Place," "Crosses." (Rating: 4++++)


Additional Items Received:

24E - EP/DVD
Adamgrant - In the name of liberty
Administration - Inaugural
Astropop 3 - Life
Automatic Head Detonator - Automatic Head Detonator
Backsliders - Backsliders
Billy Talent - Billy Talent II (defective CD)
Shelly Blake - Discourse and correspondence
Steve Brodsky & Ramona Cordova - Steve Brodsky & Ramona Cordova
Brown Shoe - The wheat patch
Bullets and Octane - In the mouth of the young
Frank Carillo and the Bandoleros - Bad out there
Paulette Carlson - It's about time
Carrie Cheron - One more autumn
Castles In Spain - Again
Nick Castro & The Young Elders - Nick Castro & The Young Elders
The Cemeterians - Gilgrim
Cheem - Cheem
Cherubs - Uncovered by heartbeat
Citrus - Asobi seksu
Couch - figur 5
Aidan Coughlan - Mystery's mist
Cyan - Cloud
D'amato - Synesthesia
Dark Circles - Dark Circles
Delaney & Bonnie - Home
Drag the River - It's crazy
Drogues - No facts that don't fit
Drop the Lime - We never sleep
Ecce Hobo - Where the devil dances
Electric Soft Parade - The human body EP
Dickie Lee Erwin - Pippin' Johnny
Fever - In the city of sleep
Filthy White Trash - Free ride
Forget Cassettes - Salt
Freeheat Down - Down/What Goes Around
French Kicks - Two thousand
Ghost Parade - Divide
Goldstars - Purple girlfriend
Adam Green - Jacket full of danger
Grouse - We want to be loved
Henry Gwiazda -She's walking...
Hairshirt - Lover politician EP
Handsome Family - Last days of wonder
HateSphere - The sickness within
Heise Bros. - Listen & learn
Heterogene - am-pm
Honored Guests - Tastes change
Hunters, Run! - Broken sounds
Indigenous - Chasing the sun
Inhabitants - We have always been here before
Ion - Arma
Iron Hero - Safe as houses
Isan - Plans drawn in pencil
JR Ewing - Maelstrom
Jumpsuit - "School" b/w "No Statue" 7"
Philip E. Karnats - Pleasesuite
Kimballs - Number one
King Straggler - King Straggler
Kinky Star - 2005
Kissing Cousins - EP2
Kite Pilot - Mercy will close its doors
Chris Koza - Patterns
Lafcadio - Sham duvet
Lansing-Dreiden - The dividing island
Leana - Faith in myself
Vivian Linden - Watch the light fade
Mad Francis - Down in the basement
Ed Meija - Ed Meija
Dave Melillo - Talk is cheap
Meneguar - I was born at night
Messer fur Frau Muller - Triangle, dot & devil
Miss Autopsy - Sweet killers
Model One - Rooms EP
Never - Antarctica
New Granada - Modern problems
OhSees - The cool death of island raiders
Palumbo - Citizen X
Alice Peacock - Who i am
Planet of 9 - Alienation
Pontius - Foul weather clothes
Press - The fine art of a white label
Remote - Too low too miss (defective CD)
Revolution on Canvas: Volume One - Poetry from the indie music scene
Sam Roberts - Chemical city
Rockdownbaby - Love&sex&rock&roll
Rojo Diablo - Devil red
Merle Saunders & Jerry Garcia - Well-matched: Thebest of...
Barry Schrader - Fallen sparrow
Sedalia - Grotheries EP
Sentinel - Diamond Bows/Masquerade (single)
Sentinel Sentinel
Louis Setara - Still waters
Burr Settles - Sketches
Sharks and Sailors - Sharks and Sailors
Short Hand - Good enough
Sissy - All under (defective CD)
Slow Motion Reign - Slow Motion Reign
Slow Signal Fade - Steady
Smiths - Under review: An independent critical analysis (DVD)
Snowglobe - Oxytocin
Spider - The way to bitter lake
Super No One - food for coral
Sweater Club - Five more minutes
Te - If that is what is being throught, liberated sound talks the depth of [musical] world.
Tey - That's how i feel tonight
Beth Thornley - My glass eye
Tron #1 - Walker, Jones, De Martinis
Various artists - Invaders
Various artists - Little Darla has a treat for you, v. 24 Summer 2006
Various artists - Premium bananas: A Dim Mak Cd sampler
Various artists - Athfest 10
Various artists - Easy to be free: The songs of Rick Nelson
Velvet - The juggernaut
Velvet Underground - Under review: An independent critical analysis (DVD)
Walking Bicycles - Disconnected
Walkmen - A hundred miles off
Torin Williams - A brief trip down the straight and narrow
Wolfmother - Wolfmother
Wonderland - Number One (comic book)
Yonder Mountain String Band - Yonder Mountain String Band

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